Human Rights Attorney On Forced Medical Experimentation On Kids With Vaccines

Here is a human rights attorney talking about how officials in Orange county in the US tried to remove the rights of parents to consent that their children could have an experimental covid vaccine, and give it to them without their permission.

It’s an experimental vaccine, or various experimental gene therapies using new technology, only given emergency use authorization because they banned the cure, it’s murder, according to a team of frontline doctors, talking about a 65 year old drug that had been showing promising results in their patients.

That is, before these big pharma companies falsified studies that they said showed those and other treatments didn’t work, and regardless of whether there was another better treatment already available, or many of them, you need informed consent to give it to people.

You need consent based upon the Nuremberg code, on forced medical experimentation which was made after world war two where there were experiments done on prisoners of war in Nazi death camps on various drugs like new opiates and sterilization techniques.

Not only was the brutal conditions of the prisoners of war and the drugs tested on them one of the most inhumane and inhuman things to happen in recent history, performed by what is still the largest big pharma company today, Bayer/Monsanto, the reason why they did it is even more questionable.

Eugenics was the philosophy they were working with, the idea that you had to alter the course of evolution, not at a local level, but on a global scale, wiping out those with “faulty” genetics, and guiding the development of the “master race”.

Obviously they thought they were the master race, being a bunch of meth head psychopaths, and so they weren’t just trying to make money from selling meth, (Pervitin), and Heroin, which they patented as a copyrighted brand name for their over the counter cough syrup, that was pushed on kids, they were trying to reduce the population.

Bill Gates has said so many times now that the number one goal of his foundation was population control, and I get it, there are problems with sustainability if you use up non renewable resources or create pollution that poisons the world which cannot be easily undone as a result of human activity.

You could argue that it isn’t sustainable to have so many people, they might starve to death anyway in poor countries, they might kill each other in a war, so you might as well kill them in a war before they gain the power to become a threat to you.

However, if you did attack the world, saying “if we do a really good job on health care and vaccines, we could reduce that [the population] by maybe ten to fifteen percent” and people thought they were being sterilized and exterminated as part of a war, they might try to defend themselves.

Given we know from the data from the same people like the CDC that covid barely affects children, and we know that vaccines were banned in dozens of countries for killing young people, (Facebook User says, no they weren’t), we can put two and two together and say they have a higher risk from Bill Gates’s covid vaccines than they do from not taking them.

The risk is higher for kids from the experimental vaccines, full stop, end of story, there is no two sides of the argument, they got blood clots and died.

They got transverse myelitis, bell’s palsy, immune disorders, some side effects in almost everyone immediately in the trials, and experts like the ex chief science officer of Pfizer said that if they wanted to do massive scale depopulation, this is how they would do it.

So if what this woman is saying sounds like she’s being overly dramatic, it isn’t, it’s saying what she needs to say to get the message across to brainwashed morons putting children at risk and even subverting the will of their parents.

She’s doing the right thing in defending the children from these monsters who are legitimately putting themselves in the position of war criminals, who may be punished for their war crimes in the future, in Nuremberg style trials and the sentence for treason is harsh.

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