Capitalism Versus Marxism In The Streets

The first thing I want to say about this is, this guy doesn’t really get what’s going on here, at least not from the perspective of the other side.

That might sound a bit condescending, but he’s from a different walk of life, and there is always two sides of any story.

He has an idea of how things should be in his mind, how he wants things to be, but then there’s the reality of the lives of people in poor neighborhoods and what they want.

It basically comes down to one thing, it’s the war on drugs, which is sometimes referred to, or alluded to as being a war on poor minorities, but not limited to them.

It’s a problem that never really goes away, and the harder you try to fight it, the worse it gets, if not in actual crime in the streets, then for the lives of those millions of people locked up in jails.

In particular, it doesn’t make it any better when the government deals the drugs, while having a zero tolerance approach to them.

80% of the crime is caused for money for drugs, that the government deals. The US government or CIA “manage” the global drug trade, to some extent.

It’s not specifically crime caused by the drugs, but crimes for money for the drugs, which makes it’s way up to the richest people in the world.

I know I keep coming back to that point, but it’s kind of an important point. For the vast majority of the time they were dealing the drugs to their own people, through scapegoats like the Sinaloa cartel, who they gave weapons and immunity, they said they weren’t doing it.

If you try to fight a war on drugs while also dealing the drugs, it’s really not hard to see how that war can never be won and the casualties of the war number in the millions, or even billions over history.

A guy like Newt might say it’s a war on thugs, not drugs, you just have to work hard, make money, and then when you have enough money to spend, you can see your doctor, and he’ll prescribe you some drugs, but that’s not really the same when you get paid a six figure a year salary, and wear a suit, as it is with these people.

When you get born in a ghetto, you might find it hard to get a job at all, or to even survive without joining a gang, or being somewhat involved with it.

If you can’t understand the primary philosophy, it’s that they don’t believe the laws are something they want to follow, when it comes to “zero tolerance”, they just want to get by and get their medication, cocaine, weed, alcohol or whatever, and then get a job to buy the rest, if they even can.

That’s half the problem here, they keep five percent unemployed on purpose, for downward pressure on wages, and there are a very high levels of unemployment in these ghettos, there’s no much to do, and smoking crack or whatever, that’s just a part of life.

You can’t fight it, you can’t ignore it, you can’t get rid of it, because it’s very addictive, and there are powerful interests involved who make trillions of dollars over time globally.

There are already millions in prisons, the highest paid job in the ghetto is dealing drugs, essentially for the government, for the CIA, and if they didn’t do it, somebody else would.

So the best you could do is try to manage it, and that means drug programs or harm minimization, legalization, because prohibition didn’t work. They tried it with alcohol, it just didn’t work.

There’s no point saying the law against taking drugs was for a reason, it just didn’t work, and the reason it didn’t work is the government are the drug dealers.

I have to keep making that point, because for so long they brainwashed people based on the notion that they weren’t, and the same logic just doesn’t work, given you know they are.

You can’t say we must have law and order, these people must respect the paid thugs hired by the largest mass murdering, drug dealing, people trafficking criminals in the world if people know that’s what they are, and the cops themselves might not even realize.

There are vastly more important things going on in the world, like China and Russia are teaming up to expand their territory and take over as the largest global power, and you can’t have chaos on the streets like this, division like this, verging on a civil war, and then try to fight a war like that, as one country.

Thing is, it’s real easy to fix, give them the drugs, problem solved, it costs less than jails, and if they make any more trouble after that, to the same degree it already is, then you might need to consider getting rid of them, Dirty Harry style, if they don’t do it first.

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