Project Veritas Exposé On CNN Ratings Tactics And Propaganda

This three part series by Project Veritas is a hidden camera expose of CNN technical director Charlie Chester explaining how CNN are obviously biased towards particular objectives, as if people couldn’t tell.

He details how they made up stories about Trump’s health, how they focused on stories about white supremacists and ignored violence by black people, and how they hyped up the severity of the covid pandemic.

Not just for ratings, which were fairly key, because as he said, “if it bleeds, it leads” but to serve a political agenda, which they might not have even fully understood.

He seems to sense that there was something wrong with what he was doing, but there was a general belief that he was doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, getting the Democrats to win, or getting bad orange man out of office.

Given that they are supposed to be an unbiased, “trusted” news organization, he says he’s not allowed to say that they lied and manipulated the truth to serve political goals, but that is what he’s saying, clearly.

He wouldn’t say what he’s saying on air, he’s not even supposed to be saying it to anyone, and that’s why the hidden camera was required to capture it, but it just confirms what people already knew anyway.

Fear really drives ratings, you have to scare the hell out of people to sell their product, which also serves to sell the products of big pharma companies, who donate a lot of money to news outlets.

Bill Gates has donated billions to media organizations like The Guardian, The New York Times, NBC, NPR, BBC, The Atlantic, The Financial Times, as well as fact checkers, and Facebook, Google, George Soros and others were also involved in funding those fact checks.

At the same time as Facebook and Bill Gates are fact checking that covid is the most dangerous thing ever, and the vaccines are safe and effective, silencing anyone who doesn’t agree, his own site MSN reports a young man frothing at the mouth and dying from the Pfizer vaccine, while it isn’t even recorded as a death, because they found no causal link.

These evil sons of bitches are trying to silence every voice that speaks out against their narrative of fear and submission to medical tyranny, all the way up to Fox News, just for saying the same things they say themselves, when they’re not lying out the other side of their face.

I got fact checked for saying they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, they banned the cure, it’s murder, the virus isn’t really that bad anyway, the tests are faulty and give false positives.

I said Bill Gates had planned to track people with digital ID using quantum dot barcode tattoos, microchips, vaccine passports, and the vaccine uses a new technology that modifies your DNA, or definitely your RNA, and if any of those things weren’t proven true, the evidence is overwhelming that it was true, which came out, over time.

So, I view the silencing of the truth and my right to say the truth as I perceived it, (which is more of a political opinion based on widely reported facts), as further evidence of an evil plot, that was evil enough for me to get banned for saying what they did, even though they said they did it themselves.

If they had just let me say it, people might have cared for a little while, like they care about them trying to ban the words mother and father, but anyone who thought that they could get away with that would have to be insane.

Stark raving lunatics at a level of insanity that used to get people like that put in straight jackets, until they ran out of enough straight jackets and padded cells to keep them all in.

Sad thing is, there are just enough of these brainwashed, idiotic morons like the guy in this video who will go along with pure evil just because they think they’re on the “right side” which is of course the “left side”, or does it even matter which side you vote for?

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