When Do We Get Our Freedoms Back? Hearing With Dr Fauci

This hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis on Reaching the Light at the End of the Tunnel: Ending COVID-19 started out with a Democrat asking Dr Fauci to demand that Facebook censor Tucker Carlson for suggesting the vaccines might not be effective.

He was saying what Fauci said himself, that they don’t prevent transmission, and you will still have to wear a mask and socially distance, though he said himself that masks don’t work.

That was one of the first things he said, and then he changed his mind, but of course they still don’t work, and there’s no study that shows cities with lockdowns, masks and closed businesses had any effect, when taking into account the big picture over time.

We’re hearing of thousands of deaths, and hundreds of thousands of injuries, some side effects to the majority of people who take the vaccines, which probably don’t stop transmission, of a virus that is almost exclusively deadly to people with underlying health conditions and the elderly.

We’re hearing about children who died from blood clots, among other things, from the vaccines, in perhaps higher numbers than would have died in that age group from the virus itself, perhaps more than anybody even knows, because it’s being covered up, as they demand more censorship of the truth.

Despite the general theme of this hearing, when you look at the children specifically, there is no possible argument that you could make that it was better that they did anything at all to try to combat this virus.

There were job losses, small businesses closed, government debt of trillions, mental health problems, delayed medical treatments, loss of freedom of speech, totalitarian dictates like curfews, schools closed, and then the children have as much chance of death or injury from the vaccines.

Fauci himself said that there was a possibility that there could be an enhanced immune response from the vaccines that could make the virus more deadly or some other side effect such as the hepatitis that caused liver failure in the ferrets in the SARS vaccine animal trials, which were skipped this time.

They just started testing on humans, they haven’t really worked out that it kills less people yet, but the goal is vaccinating as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, with an experimental vaccine, when half of the people in America already got the virus, and most countries in the world don’t have as large a problem with coronavirus.

They are quite simply wrong, in my opinion. They’re a corporation trying to make billions or even trillions of dollars from forcing vaccines on people, and Bill Gates said the primary goal of his foundation is reducing population in the world.

He also predicted the pandemic, he said they would be running germ games, Johns Hopkins did multiple simulations of a coronavirus that took over the world, before it happened.

Fauci said there would be a surprise outbreak in 2017, the WHO said they would be doing a simulation of a deliberate release of a respiratory pathogen in their World At Risk report from September 2019.

You might argue that they would be able to predict that some virus would infect the world because viruses always infect the world, the flu always infects the world, like it always has.

That is not however any sort of argument for what they are doing. They said 25% of the “excess deaths” were not from covid, and were things like kids killing themselves, cancer treatments not being done, increased overdoses and alcohol poisoning, riots, violence, not old people dying of the flu.

The flu shot doesn’t work, or if it even works half the time, you have to take it every year, which is of course the business model of the big pharma companies pushing this madness.

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