Does Covid Even Exist At All?

Took me a while to write this post, because I had been saying that they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, and released it on purpose, as a part of a plan that went back years, even decades.

I knew there was a plan, they said they were going to do it, over and over again, with pre planning scenarios.

It was lock step from the Rockerfeller Foundation’s 2010 document, SPARS 2025 – 2028, event 201, world at risk report, there will be a “surprise outbreak” we will be running “germ games”, predictive programming, countless ways they told you it would happen.

The thing is, almost immediately there were people who not only questioned how serious it was, compared to how bad they said it was going to be.

They questioned if it even existed at all, and just the questioning and differing opinion on what should be done got them silenced, banned from social media.

Some even questioned whether viruses existed at all, but I saw that as a bit too much of a leap to make, and didn’t buy into that theory.

However, you now have the ex chief science officer of Pfizer and a growing number of people saying he requested they provide proof that the virus had been isolated.

A unequivocal scientific study that showed that they had it, they were looking at it, they knew it was real and which virus, which variant exactly was making people sick, and a failure of any government health department to do that.

This Reuters fact check said that Chinese scientists identified the virus, it didn’t say they isolated it, and then they shared the genetic sequence with other scientists around the world.

The story then leads to an Australian lab in Melbourne, Victoria, which was the first to isolate the virus outside of China, even though we were one of the last countries to get it.

One of the things about Victoria was it was a Rockerfeller Foundation Resilient city, it was a George Soros smart city, and they signed the belt and road deal with China.

They got their faulty tests from the Beijing Genomic Institute, which were bought by a wealthy mining magnate, specifically for Victoria, which was the only state apparently to have a real problem with the virus.

Which was a few hundred people dying at an average age of 82 with 90% or more having terminal illnesses which also killed them.

I said at the time Dan Andrews is a traitor, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you, that guy is a Chinese puppet, a sell out to our country.

He is charged with treason based on forced medical experimentation as outlined in the Nuremberg code and is on notice of impending lifetime imprisonment for war crimes.

That might give you an idea of how much I trust the idea that the Australian lab isolated the virus, and could be trusted, as a source of credible scientific information.

Regardless of whether they did or not, if it does exist at all, they made it on purpose, doing gain of function on coronaviruses from bats, the tests were faulty, they banned the cure(s), and if it didn’t exist at all, then all of that was also just a part of their lies.

That’s being paranoid on a level few could even comprehend, but then few could comprehend the immense power these people have shown, the level of planning they put into all this, no matter which way you look at it.

To sum up, I don’t know if there is really a new coronavirus, the flu mutates every year, it wouldn’t be all that different if it mutated naturally, there were less people that died here than died of the flu every year, even counting the flu numbers as well.

What is different is how they reacted to it, how they planned for it to be different than any other flu, and anyone with half a brain can see there’s something really dodgy going on there.

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