Stories From The Children Harmed By the Covid Vaccine Trials

I’m finding it hard to find stories on Google about the deaths and injuries specifically caused by the small amount of sample data from the trials of covid vaccines on groups of children with parents who I can only describe as brainwashed morons. Found at least some.

However that’s only because it hasn’t had a chance to come out yet, because they haven’t started vaccinating all the children, or a majority of them, in the world yet.

That means they can still save them from this insanity. What I have been seeing is older children and young people dying from blood clots, getting paralyzed, frothing at the mouth and dying, getting immune disorders, bell’s palsy, transverse myelitis, etc.

Initial reports were in the thousands dead, hundreds of thousands injured, I’m assuming by now it’s more like tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands dead, and millions injured but there’s no easy way to find that out.

The CDC page mentioned some of the thousands of reported deaths, and basically said they were all not caused by the vaccines, which is why they’re usually not even counted at all.

Here’s a story where a guy is paralyzed by the Johnson and Johnson shot, which is banned, or is it? Is it just banned for a week, before they say that had nothing to do with our shot, and then they keep using it.

The CDC and the FDA recommended that rollout of the J&J vaccine be paused on Tuesday after multiple reports of rare, but serious, blood clots.

They said it was 100% effective at stopping severe hospitalization, but it kills you some of the time and it doesn’t stop you from getting sick, and it doesn’t stop transmission.

This is also what happened in the AstraZeneca human testing, they killed people, they gave them transverse myelitis and blood clots and who knows what in the future, and then they said it wasn’t caused by the vaccines and kept giving them out and they keep killing people.

Here a twenty year old kid froths at the mouth and dies and they say there was no causal link between his immediate death, and the vaccine.

I’m not even going to try to prove it to you, what I’m going to prove is that Facebook and other platforms, silenced anyone for saying anything bad about vaccines on social media while they were rolling these out.

Even as the reports come in one at a time of this young person dying here, this person dying there, reports to VAERS by the thousands, even those are highly debated.

One side says that’s not even 1% of the actual numbers of deaths and injuries that are really happening getting reported to VAERS, and the other side says that anyone can make a report, it doesn’t prove that the vaccine caused that reaction.

I’m just going to make a simple observation, the risk of death from covid to children in particular is less than getting struck by lightning.

Where I am, you’d be more likely for your kid to get struck by lightning twice than for them to die of covid if it even exists, and some people doubt it exists at all, not just doesn’t exist in my state for about a year.

In the preliminary trials of a few thousand people, immediate injuries, vaccine trial paused, started up again, yet again saying the benefit outweighed the risk, though they haven’t even done the long term studies yet.

They killed multiple young people, started up again, for adults over fifty for the AstraZeneca, and then the same blood clots show up in the Johnson and Johnson shot and a twenty year old dies frothing at the mouth from the Pfizer shot.

I’m saying that the parents of kids who put their kids in a trial like this, should be held guilty of the crime of forced medical experimentation under the Nuremberg code, the same way the doctors should be, and charged with treason and sent to jail for life.

Should I feel sorry for them if their kid gets sick and dies? If they didn’t listen to the amount of information we been telling them, that they’re psychopath eugenicists, trying to kill people on purpose, then I would feel as sorry for them as Nazi soldiers brainwashed in the Hitler youth.

I feel sorry for the children, and think they should be taken away from these monsters for child abuse and quite obviously, not the other way around. BTW, do you see anything wrong with this picture below?

Their reporting site doesn’t even work, unless they were killing people with covid shots twenty years ago, which they might have been, given how much I trust these bastards.

There are well over 700,000 reported deaths on that site for all vaccines, and they’re the lucky ones, with some of these injuries.

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