How Close Are We Really To The End Of the World?

If you haven’t noticed, there have been millions of people predicting the end of the world, for more than one reason, even on both sides of politics.

There are millions of religious people who think this is the end of days, then there are those who think the elites are trying to reduce the population, due to climate change, which is also predicted to be the end of the world by some.

Biological, chemical and nuclear war could wipe us out, or vaccines could produce a terrible side effect that turns us all into zombies, which was actually predicted on the CDC website, and they have learning courses for children to prepare them for that, literally.

The ocean could rise by meters they say, or there could be earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, volcanoes, and if you’re being evacuated from an actual volcanic eruption, they might say you can only get on the boat if you’re vaccinated.

They have on the news in Australia that they’re working on a treatment to stop people from dying from the covid vaccine, when nobody has died of covid in Australia, this year.

You could not make up this level of insanity, you just have to assume they’re trying to mess with people on purpose, it’s a psychological operation, a mind control submission test, just to see what they can get away with.

That’s basically what AI is, television brainwashing on steroids, or maybe an attempt to gain back the control they lost to some extent when people started using the internet instead to choose how they were shown information.

It’s an attack, there’s multiple layers to it, multiple reasons for it, but even if people wanted to get back to “normal” there’s practically nobody who even believes that’s possible anymore.

People aren’t even thinking if I just wear my mask and take the vaccine we can all go back to normal, because it just isn’t happening.

If they ever give up on this particular control mechanism, medical tyranny, they’ll just come up with another one, and another one, and it will be just as insane, they’ve done it before.

It’s a divide and conquer tactic, if you can even believe it, the same people are responsible for both sides of the propaganda to set one side against the other.

The threat of us being wiped out is particularly dangerous when it comes to weapons of mass destruction, but the reason why they said that was unlikely to happen was it was MAD, mutually assured destruction.

While these people are insane to a degree I’ve never seen even on the inside of a mental ward, I don’t think that as a collective they could possibly be that nuts, or could they?

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