MSM Lie About CDC Mask Study: Masks Only 1% Effective

The media went mad for masks, they encouraged police to beat up pregnant women and little girls all around the world for not wearing them, harassed millions of people, wouldn’t let them into stores to buy food without one, and what did the largest study say about how effective it was?

The video from The High Wire, (censored for telling the truth), details what was revealed in this CDC report on the effectiveness of mask mandates and not allowing on premises dining in counties across the USA, and the survey said: masks don’t work.

One percent, or maybe as high as two or three percent reduction of cases or deaths in any of the numbers shown, in some cases it actually went down in states where they didn’t have masks and allowed people to eat in restaurants like in Texas.

That was the chart that showed that masks didn’t work, or had an effect so small that you might as well say it did nothing, and was not worth the billions, even trillions of dollars spent on forcing these fascist restrictions and the mental damage it caused, not to mention the other side effects of masks.

There are side effects of wearing a mask, like headaches, rashes and infections on the face, it’s just not a good look, and as Fauci said himself to start with, might stop a drop of spit, if you already have it, but it won’t stop you from getting covid. It says that on the box.

Here is the chart that shows the effectiveness of forcing small businesses to close, or not allow customers to sit down and eat a meal, which put many restaurants out of business permanently:

I’m not a small business owner, I’m not even in the US, I’m in a place where there is no covid, for almost a year. My largest fear is the vaccines and vaccine passports because in my country, Australia, all the deaths this year were caused by the vaccine and none caused by covid.

I don’t even know if I believe it exists at all, and isn’t just the flu, but here’s the thing about the flu. You get the flu, you don’t not get the flu, the flu shot doesn’t work, they just said it did.

Only those who could be bothered to think about it realized that, and worked out it also killed and injured people and far more than they paid out compensation to, in places where there is even any compensation at all, which we don’t have.

They might give your family maximum $250,000 if they kill you in the USA with a vaccine, if you can prove it, and less people have been compensated in recent years, though vaccinations increased.

I just had a virus, gave me a bad headache, and if I was 80 years old, maybe I might be dead from getting that, but that’s about when you usually die, on average, actually closer to 70 in the world generally.

What I have to say is that if some ridiculous moron ever harasses me for not wearing a mask I’ll probably knock them out, if they call me a conspiracy theorist for saying they were only 1% effective, if you even trust the CDC, which I don’t.

I would be surprised if this doesn’t cause world war three, when people find out just how much they were lied to, how much they suffered and lost, for so little benefit. Even left wing commentators like Bill Maher are admitting the media lied.

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