The Derek Chauvin Verdict

Tucker ends this video by saying this is grotesque, it’s a cult, obviously, and I know exactly what he means, they’re insane, in so many ways.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t some reason for underprivileged minorities to be mad about perceived oppression by police, they might have had a point about some things.

It’s just that the people who are using this for their political advantage, the drug dealers, sorry the politicians who work for the drug dealers, are just using these people, in such a sick way, you’d have to say it is exactly like a cult.

Thank you George Floyd for giving your life by overdosing on drugs so that we could put a policeman in jail for doing what he was trained to do by us, because we made laws to lock people up for buying the drugs we sell.

As I said, there are racist cops, brutal cops, it’s a hard job, sometimes they go into it with a chip on their shoulder, but what exactly are they proposing as an alternative?

I don’t like the idea of millions of people in jail for petty drug possession or whatever, but this guy held a gun to a woman’s stomach, (not known if she was pregnant) but he was a known violent criminal.

I think the alternative is drug programs or harm minimization, put some amphetamines in an energy drink, put the coca back in Coca Cola, it’s better than the government selling crack and claiming they don’t, and then encouraging people to riot in protest of themselves.

That mad Maxine Waters, how could you find a way to excuse that person? If we don’t get the verdict we want, we’re going to be more confrontational, threaten people more, as if they hadn’t already done enough of that.

I do understand it, she’s on drugs, or possessed by demons, it’s a common story, happens to the best of people, however I can’t imagine how anyone could think that she was one of the best.

There’s only two alternatives, give them the drugs, or try to stop them from taking them, and taking everything but the kitchen sink as they do, while the government deals the drugs and says they don’t, because somebody else would do it, if they didn’t.

However, even after all of this, I don’t think we’re at the point where people even can have that discussion, because they’re not even willing to admit that that is the truth, especially not politicians. Doesn’t win votes, telling the truth.

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