Trump’s Speech At NATO Headquarters About Terrorism

One of the first things that stuck out to me about this 2017 speech, (somebody just uploaded it again), was that Trump talked about 9/11, which was of course planned by members of his own political party, who also lied about WMDs in Iraq so they could invade the country and steal their oil.

Skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, funded Hitler, trained Al Qaeda, gave sarin nerve gas to Saddam, while giving weapons to Iran with money from selling crack to their own people.

What, that doesn’t fit the narrative of his speech? He talked about how the crown prince of Saudi Arabia was a wise man, and how they were working together to stop the funding of extremist ideologies and everyone had to give 2% of their country’s GDP to “defense” for NATO, who only ever attacked other countries.

Saudi Arabia funded ISIS, which was used as a reason to spend trillions on US weapons, and continue the endless wars, which they all had shares in.

He cut a US journalist into pieces and Trump just said, OK, wise man. Biden did too when he got in, I don’t like him either, he’s worse.

The Bin Laden family were at a Carlyle weapons/intelligence shareholders meeting in New York, the day before 9/11, hosted by George HW Bush.

Just let that sink in for a moment, a guy who’s father funded Hitler and was charged with it, and was in a Satanic cult with a pirate flag, who tell their sexual secrets in a coffin as initiation while they scream and do mock sacrifices, if not real sacrifices, had shares in the weapons companies while being in the position to start the wars.

“The fact that George H.W. Bush was working for them while his son was president, while his son, in fact, was dramatically increasing defense spending—that seems to me one of the most blatant conflicts of interests in history,”

He was president, he was hosting the meeting of weapons shareholders, his vice president had shares as well, Halliburton, reconstruction, all the various corporations who make money from war, they had shares in them.

I’m not even going to go on, they’re corrupt, they’re obviously corrupt, they’re evil beyond belief, there’s no point trying to say Trump is the good guy, because he’s not one of them, he was, and is covering up for them, and he knows he is.

You could say it’s better for the USA for people to think the government aren’t a bunch of mass murdering, drug dealing, human trafficking psychopaths, perhaps literal Satanists.

That would however just be a lie, and that was in fact the whole basis of his covert psy op, the election campaign propaganda, Qanon. “Q” said these people are Satanic pedophiles, when asked directly to deny it, Trump said maybe they are, you don’t know that.

The whole idea was these people are ruthless, deranged killers, and Trump wasn’t one of them, because he wasn’t a politician.

If that is the case then, how did he get into that position, in the first place? Did he just know the right people?

That is what happened, but the right people, are in fact the wrong people, and in that gathering of that memorial from 9/11 and the Berlin wall, you have a who’s who of all the wrong people.

Prime minister Trudeau, Angela Merkel, the who’s who of the new world order fascist/communist takeover with biological and chemical weapons. Terrorized their own people, lied to them, killed them, oppressed them which is looking like a pattern, that keeps coming back.

There’s nothing specifically wrong with what he said, based on the status quo line of thinking, but the status quo line of thinking doesn’t take into account, that these people are the terrorists, including him.

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