YouTube CEO Gives Herself An Award For Free Speech

Wow, the nerve of these people, it’s staggering, it’s mind blowing, they’re rubbing it in your face, the censorship of political and personal opinions.

We are the technocratic dictatorship that censors free speech, destroyed the careers of countless YouTubers, terminated their accounts for telling the truth, and then they give themselves an award for doing that.

If you actually think I’m kidding about them giving themselves an award, take a look at the site, and then look at the sponsors, the number one sponsor is YouTube.

So it’s YouTube giving themselves an award for being a bunch of totalitarian, book burning, mind controlling psychopaths in league with war criminals trying to take over the world.

They are literal Nazis, run by the same people who funded Hitler, who trained them on grading hair and eye color before they did horrific tests, including on children and then exterminated them in death camps with zyklon b made by who?

The big pharma conglomerate that is still the largest in the world, I.G. Farben, or Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, that bunch of people, they still exist, but more importantly the rich bastards who funded them still exist like the Rockerfellers.

Bayer/Monsanto is the largest big pharma or chemical company today, and once you get that position, you can make all sorts of different corporations with different names, and they’re openly traded on the worldwide stock exchange, but it all basically comes from the same pyramid of power.

People who funded Hitler, literal Nazis, the Rockerfellers, the Rothschilds, they sell drugs, they kill people, they fund both sides of every war, which they start on purpose.

Then they give themselves awards for supporting free expression, while they take it away from millions, including doctors and experts. This monster even tried to say her family suffered oppression under the Nazis, while she burns bits like books.

They censored the governor of Florida meeting with a bunch of doctors and experts, talking about the Great Barrington Declaration, which has now been signed by about 70,000 doctors and experts, and they censored it.

If I keep writing this post, I’m going to start talking about what I think should happen to this woman, or anyone who outs themselves as an actual fascist, a totalitarian dictator.

The skin head Nazis in Romper Stomper and American History X, they were bad, but these creatures are far worse, as one old woman who survived the holocaust said, because it’s more insidious.

I can’t even share the video I want to with you here, because it’s not on the right platform to allow me to embed it, but here’s a video about masking in your sleep, which is a good way to kill yourself from lack of oxygen to the brain.

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