Maxine Waters In 1998 Accusing the CIA Of Dealing Drugs

To understand why Maxine Waters is so angry, so active in the fight against police brutality against minorities, you have to understand her history.

Here she is in a hearing accusing the CIA of dealing drugs, and covering it up, even shooting Gary Webb in the head for printing proof that the CIA were running the drug trade.

They said he committed suicide, two bullets in the head, (first bullet went through his cheek), and that was just about it, no mainstream media news site wanted to cover it after that, they just knew or presumed that the CIA dealt the drugs, and they left it at that. National security.

There are possibly reasons why they do it, like it makes a lot of money, and if they didn’t do it, the drugs might come in from another country and they wouldn’t control it, and it would bankrupt the USA, like it bankrupted China in the first opium war.

That was British opium that bankrupted China, gave them the nickname the sick man of the East, and it was a calculated attack, which you could argue that it is here also.

Did they do it to make money, to stop somebody else from making money, did they do it for intelligence into who takes drugs, so they know who they are?

You can say anything could be justified as a reason, but people don’t know that they’re doing it, and without knowing that, they couldn’t form an informed opinion on the debate, thinking somebody else was controlling or “managing” the trade.

If they continue blaming it on the Mexicans, or the blacks, it’s just simply blaming the wrong people or there are always criminals in any group, and if you don’t know why they’re doing it, they could be easily corrupted, easily taken over by psychopaths, and it should not be allowed to happen in secrecy.

When they released a hundred million doses of LSD on the world, including their own country, they used as justification that they were worried that the Russians could use it first, as a weapon of mass destruction.

So, that begins a policy of releasing vast quantities of any possible drug that could be made, so that the other countries don’t do it first, and get all that money, and then nobody knows they did it, and they say they have zero tolerance.

It’s just madness, the madness never ends, it’s a war that can’t be won, and they call her mad max, for riling up the drug addicts for getting arrested for committing crimes to buy the drugs the government sells, but I do get it, kind of.

They think it’s about race, and maybe it is, maybe they targeted poor, black neighborhoods with crack, to destroy them on purpose, as part of a eugenics program, it’s surely not unheard of.

Even if it was, then just come out and say that, tell the truth, not a bunch of lies. She knows the truth, and the other side knows it too, to some degree, but it’s so unpopular to even mention it, that it never gets said.

It is not the fault of police who arrest these people for committing crimes to buy the drugs the CIA sell, at vastly inflated prices, especially if they don’t even know that’s what they’re doing. They were just following orders.

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