The Uncertain Future Of The Brave New World

I like Dollar Vigilante, he seems to be right on the money with everything, except maybe the idea that viruses don’t exist at all, I think they exist, but how am I going to prove that?

I don’t trust the big pharma corporations and mainstream media to tell me that, they seem like complete psychopaths, and I totally get why he would be suspicious of them.

I just bought some Piratechain today, just a little bit, to see what happens with it, it looks like it’s taking off, and that’s not in small part due to him promoting it to his fans and subscribers, which is not a small group of people despite the censorship.

The Bitcoin and most of the cryptos have crashed pretty hard because of that flood in the coal mine in China which cut the power to the Bitcoin mining nodes.

To tell you the truth, I had been thinking that some big players were involved in the Bitcoin, and they were. Nothing that happens in China is completely removed from the influence of the CCP.

Those Bitcoin nodes would be no exception, I’m sure they’re laughing at all the people rushing to pull their money out of Bitcoin while the fees go through the roof due to the lower amount of processing power, the hash rate.

It’s definitely not a system free from problems, but some people have made millions from a small amount of money if they bought at the right time, and it still is the right time for some.

The power will go back on, and more people will probably get into speculating and mining different cryptos, because it’s too big to fail, to some degree.

I wish I had figured out how it worked a lot sooner, but if wishes were horses, we’d all be riding into the sunset.

The coins with the best performance, most privacy, fastest transactions and lowest fees will eventually become known and used, because they work, while others don’t work so well, which Bitcoin seems like it doesn’t, as it currently is, and I’m no expert but I’m willing to risk a little money on his recommendation.

If you are interested in how to invest in Piratechain, it took me a while to figure out how to do it, so here’s a quick explanation.

I went to verified my account with Google Authorization, sent some Bitcoin to it, and bought the Piratechain on the BTC-ARR exchange.

You have to take a look at the withdrawal fees there, because some of them are a little steep for some coins, but it seems legit, and it’s already made me money in a few hours, at least in theory.

I’m not a financial advisor, but I can’t see why you wouldn’t risk a bit of money if you had it to risk, could grow a hundred times like it did in the last few months again, according to Jeff, and he seems like he knows what he’s talking about.

As far as the rest of the future goes, well as long as the majority of people wake up to the agendas of ruthless corporations, totalitarian regimes, we have a chance, and with these kinds of things, it only happens because people make it happen.

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