Mike Yeadon: These Criminals Are Going To Steal Democracy Forever

This is the former vice president and chief science officer of Pfizer basically saying that the covid isn’t that bad, most people aren’t at risk or already got it and recovered, the vaccines could kill you or sterilize you and it’s part of an evil agenda, a totalitarian world takeover.

He’s not the only one who’s been saying this, obviously, but he’s one of the most qualified people to be making that assessment, having worked for the big pharma criminals who had the largest fine in history for criminal fraud awarded to just some of their victims, 2.3 billion dollars for Bextra alone.

It’s a fairly damning accusation, a fairly strong case for why you shouldn’t take the vaccine, why you shouldn’t submit to medical tyranny, oppression, censorship, terrorism by these scum.

I call them scum because they are war criminals, there’s no two ways about it, my view is they planned the entire thing, did the gain of function on the coronaviruses from bats on purpose, told you they did, and told you they were going to release it.

If by some chance they didn’t do that, then that would only be because the virus doesn’t even exist at all, and it’s just the flu, and they made it up using faulty tests that give false positives.

That’s how much trust I have, in anything they have to say, I view them as war criminals, worse than Hitler, and anyone who goes along with their evil plot as a Nazi sympathizer.

Some history of the pharmaceutical industry, buy the book on Amazon if you want to read more about it.

I have very good reason for saying that, it’s not a conspiracy theory, they have been charged with crimes, over and over again, and this is just another much larger crime to add to their long list.

As he says, this is a new experimental technology, they’re trying to force vaccines on everyone in the world, before they know what the long term side effects are, when the short term side effects include death and horrible injuries.

Most people aren’t at risk, they’re not just shoving their crap down people throats, they’re destroying the entire world forever, mentally, financially, and psychologically.

It’s a totalitarian fascist dictatorship trying to take over the world, you cannot let them win, and you have to fight them exactly as though they were trying to take your freedom, your money, your happiness, and even your life because they are doing that, they’re killing more people than any they save.

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