Bill Gates Talks About Zero Emissions From Humans

This is Bill Gates talking to the Economic Club Of Chicago about how to make a lot of money by investing in vaccines, synthetic meat, solar energy companies, etc, and then forcing your products down the throat of the world with a gun to their head.

It’s about seven or eight minutes in he talks about his investment in the clean energy companies, billions of dollars spent, wonder what the return on investment will be there.

With the vaccines you can try to force as many of them as you like on people, but after a while they’ll probably realize when they’re a pin cushion or dead from being experimented on.

With the energy however, you can probably justify the solar, wind, hydro power, compared to dirty coal power plants, but that requires massive spending to put it in place, which ultimately comes out of somebody’s pockets, and not his obviously.

Around ten minutes into the video he shows a chart of “greenhouse gases” like carbon dioxide, which we are adding to the atmosphere, however by the time we actually cause substantial, noticeable climate change, the fossil fuels will have run out.

This is actually the more pressing concern, if we continued to use the oil and gas and coal at the current rate, within 50 to 100 years, there would be none left, so we do need to switch over, and that’s the main reason why we do.

But it’s the general public, or the current electricity producers, or the governments who will have to pay for that, and in order to get them to pay, this bastard has to try to convince you that there’s a huge, apocalyptic crisis.

Government subsidies can quite easily make it more affordable to buy a hybrid car, and I was pushing for that, because it’s not hard to do.

He’s trying to convince you that the crisis is so bad that everyone will have to stop eating beef, altogether, and eat his fake veggie burgers, 3D printed meat substitutes, because cows fart greenhouse gases, methane.

Of course planting trees isn’t an option, because he hasn’t invested in trees, so you have to be threatened with death and forced to do what he says, because why? Because the ocean rose by eight inches, in the last hundred years.

I didn’t notice that. That’s a hell of a crisis, we’re going to have start building an arc like Noah.

I’m not against clean energy, after all, fossil fuels will run out one day, which is why they call them non renewable resources, but his sales campaign is based on terrorism, and also blatant lies.

Use my products or die, and I want you to die, because there’s too many people, that’s part of my math equation for reducing Co2. Co2xPxSxE.

I don’t think he really thought through who’s going to eat the veggie burgers and pay for the clean energy if he gets rid of population in the world, but then again, maybe he did.

He said the number one primary founding reason for his foundation was population control. He wants to sterilize and exterminate first, but then he wants to make money, as he does it.

I do actually understand the logic, and it makes sense to these kind of elitist megalomaniacs, which is the scary part.

I played a game called Megalomania when I was a kid on the Mega Drive, you can play all those old games free online if you want to look for them, just need a USB controller that’s compatible or your keypad.

You had people in your tower who would build mines to get resources, to make weapons and then you’d kill the other tribe before they could kill you, and if anyone was left, they were the winner.

Sadly, this idea is all too real, and due to the fact it also makes trillions of dollars for weapons corporations, war is not going to end any time soon, unless we can overcome this fundamental flaw in our nature.

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