Human Rights Attorney Declares War On Modern Day Nazis

This is human rights attorney Leigh Dundas, really giving it to the bastards trying to violate the Nuremberg code and force experimental treatments on kids without their parent’s permission which is a crime.

It’s not a small crowd she’s talking to, and they all agree with her, like millions of people do, that freedom is the most important human right we have, and without it we are slaves.

Oppressed by tyrannical overlords trying to shove their products and policies down our throats with a gun to our head while they silence free speech.

There is no way to deny that they are totalitarian fascists, or communists if you prefer, trying to force people through fear to do what is not in their own best interest, or the interest of their family, against all logic and common sense.

Old people die, they always did, and they actually live longer than they ever did through history, maybe dying a few months earlier, on average, in the last few years only, not compared to all of history.

That is, they might die a little sooner on average if they caught a bad flu, in an area that is affected by it at all, but there have always been bad flus going around.

Drug use, alcohol abuse, stress, suicide, those were already shortening lives in the last few years, to a much greater extent, and got worse due to all this.

A large percentage of the “excess deaths” were not covid related, and that means they may have killed a lot of young people who weren’t terminally ill, and about to die anyway, which about 94% of the “covid deaths” were, because they had more than two other causes of death on average listed on the death certificate.

I already accepted that they were going to die, and there was nothing you could do to stop it. I worked out masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work, vaccines don’t work, you get the flu, you don’t not get the flu.

You might not want to get the flu, but if you’re going to live a normal life and not be a germophobic nutcase retard, and ruin the world forever for everyone, imposing a fascist dictatorship of forced medical tyranny and oppression, you just accept it and move on, and choose freedom, not fear.

They didn’t move on because they had been planning to do this, specifically this, they planned it a few months before they made it happen, in Event 201.

This was one of multiple pre planning scenarios, and it wasn’t like they said it was, but they made it into what they said they were going to do, force “tighter top down government control” worldwide.

They were just waiting for the chance to do this, when a flu came along, but it wasn’t natural, they made the virus, did the gain of function on coronaviruses from bats and released it on purpose, because they are Nazis.

War criminals, killers, psychopaths, eugenicists, the actual people who funded Hitler, through I.G. Farben and Bayer, the real deal, worse than the Nazis.

I tried to talk to a guy today about how Bill Gates, Google, Facebook, George Soros and the CCP fund the fact checks and give billions in grants to news sites.

He said prove it, so I proved it to him, and he tried to argue the fact that I proved it to him, which is exactly the job of the fact checkers, gaslighting.

So I don’t really bother trying to prove things to those type of people anymore, at least not individuals, I don’t have time to argue with fools. You either get it, or you don’t, and this woman, and the audience of millions who agree with her, they get it.

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