Covid Lockdowns Will Become Climate Lockdowns?

Covid causes racism and racism causes climate change, say the braindead morons “in charge” of things, but they may not be as insane as they first appear, regardless of how insane they do appear.

This whole thing was planned, and there are various reasons why it was planned, such as population growth, resource use, pollution, financial crises, government debt, etc.

None of these things are any excuse for what they have done, and they lied about it all, very obviously.

Can you trust the mainstream media when they say that people don’t trust the mainstream media?

To the point that nobody in their right mind trusts a damn thing they say anymore, about anything.

Given that I don’t trust anything they say, I can’t even say what the facts are, but they say that fossil fuels will run out in the next 50 to 100 years.

They say that the US government is in debt for almost a tenth of all the money in the world, and that China is going to take over as richest country in market share within the decade.

They say that Co2 and other “greenhouse gases” are causing climate change, and that we need to stop emitting them to avoid catastrophic damage to the environment.

And of course population growth is one of the primary factors influencing these figures, for better, or worse, as the case may be.

The lockdowns achieved a goal that they had set for themselves, without really telling the general public, that they wanted to reduce carbon emissions by 7% per year, every year, from now on.

I was one of the people at those Extinction Rebellion protests, or I went to one of them, but what I wanted was the government to subsidize hybrid or electric cars so that people could afford to buy them.

This was not a particularly hard thing to do, if they manufactured the hybrid cars here, made them affordable, reduced our reliance on foreign oil and foreign cars, it would be a win win for the country, and the environment over the long term.

They did not however do that, and my country, Australia is one of the only countries to actually make it harder for people to buy hybrid cars by putting a large tax on them.

Given that something as simple as that was not really implemented to the level that it would make any substantial difference, it’s completely insane for these elites like Bill Gates to expect that more extreme measures would be likely to happen easily.

They came out and said that people should eat only one hamburger a month, as though that’s going to happen.

This was fact checked, but Bill Gates and the WEF are saying that they want people to stop eating beef, and eat bugs and weeds or 3D printed substitute meat, openly, in fact they never shut up about it.

Seems insane, but then again, most of these things that they did in the last year or so would have seemed so insane that people would have said it was impossible, two years ago.

If they tried doing these things without the covid fear campaign first, silencing freedom of speech, imposing totalitarianism, shutting down small businesses, restricting travel, suggesting people eat insect burgers, people would have gone to war against them, and they still might.

There is however this hesitancy, like the “vaccine hesitancy” to be the first to draw blood, because it would start the actual war, world war three.

I just got a 24 hour ban from Mewe, where I been hanging out while I’m banned from Facebook, 90% of the time. I don’t even know why, they didn’t tell me, but I’m assuming it might have something to do with having an opinion, which you’re not allowed to have anymore.

You can sign up to the email list at the bottom of the page through your account to get my latest posts sent to you as they’re published, and you may miss them if you don’t.

Anyway, no matter what happens, I’m certainly not going to be the driving force making it happen, as one man, particularly not while being silenced as hard as I am, but I still do my part to express my opinion and share the voices of other silenced freedom advocates.

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