Humanity: What Happened To Us?

Another video from DV about the growing insanity, and it is insanity. It’s like a war on people’s minds, and the more one side pushes against the other, the harder they seem to push back.

I’ll just try to summarize it for you. Doctors are quitting their jobs to honor their hippocratic oath to do no harm, quite a lot of them actually. Started over a year ago including those Frontline Doctors saying they banned the cure it’s murder.

A girl rents a car for the day so she can get her first vaccine shot, yay, she’s so excited! While other people who experience the expected side effects of chills, fever, body aches and headaches regularly die from the vaccine, while they cover it up, or report they died, and said they can’t prove the vaccine caused it.

When people ask me to prove how many people have died or been injured from the vaccines, that’s a bit like proving how many people died of covid, but in reverse.

I’m going to make a guess and say 90% of the covid cases didn’t even have it, at all, because the test didn’t work.

90% of the deaths had two or three terminal illnesses and a cold would have killed them, and they’ve basically said nobody died of the vaccine, even though they did.

A few people died of blood clots, one in a million, so that means it’s probably one in ten thousand which Bill Gates said before the vaccine was even made.

This is what I’ve learned about how much they lie about facts and figures, and they know that some people know they’re lying, but they don’t care because most people watch TV.

A security guard drags a crying child out of a store because their mask wasn’t covering their nose, even though masks are about 1% effective according to the CDC study, and kids aren’t likely to spread covid according to the WHO.

A researcher said he didn’t see his girlfriend for a year because he didn’t want her to get sick, and she got it anyway, and so now they can finally kiss again, because they got the vaccine, which doesn’t stop transmission.

I’ve been seeing this madness non stop, around the world, the people I actually know in real life are mostly aware that it’s a scam, my father chooses to give them the benefit of the doubt, he’ll probably be dumb enough to get the shot.

It’s not that I’m completely against the idea of vaccines generally, it’s just the people making them are liars, thieves and murderers, and because they police themselves, there’s no way of knowing to what extent that is true.

I mean, try googling how many people have died from the covid vaccines, and for me, I got a fact check paid for by our own government, the ABC in Australia.

Let’s try the second result, a CDC fact check to Americans, paid for by their own government that says that while deaths have been reported by the thousands, there’s no proof that the vaccines caused the deaths.

Anyway, the last bit of the video is about cryptocurrencies. I bought some Piratechain and Wownero, and from where I bought, at the moment, I’m ahead, though there was a pullback in price after the first peak, which is to be expected.

The world really has gone mad, I sent an email to that fact checker asking him if he is paid for directly by Bill Gates or big pharma companies, if he realizes that these are the same people who funded Hitler.

I find that once these people have been brainwashed thoroughly enough, indoctrinated enough, there’s almost nothing you can do to change their mind, which is perhaps true of me too, but I never trusted them bastards.

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