Luciferian Freemasonry: The Key To Power and Wealth?

This video shows quite clearly the degree to which Freemasons have shown their hand signs and symbols in popular culture, how much they have influenced everything, how much power and wealth they actually have.

What it also shows is that when you learn the truth, hidden by secrecy under pain of death and humiliating rituals, it’s actually the cult of Lucifer.

That’s not a joke, or a conspiracy theory, it’s in the books of rituals, and is well documented, although it is possible that some of them might not even know, or there might be some variation with different groups in different countries.

It gets more confusing than that though, because there are multiple secret societies like the Jesuits, Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, the black nobility, and no real way to tell how they are connected, if they are connected, or even who is actually a member.

I’m not going to try to prove it to you if you don’t take the five hour video detailing all the proof as proof, I’m just going to say, you either get it, or you don’t.

Just in case that YouTube video gets taken down, here it is on Bitchute, or you can search for the title on various alternative platforms, which is X-FACTOR WINNER REVEALS WORLD’S SECRET RELIGION.

He says he is a Freemason by the way, and he said he left because he was a Christian and didn’t want to be a Satanist, or a Luciferian, and I heard that story before, from many people, like a police officer for example.

The problem with that is of course, if they were sworn to keep the secrets under pain of death, maybe they’re still lying for them, maybe they’re controlled opposition.

You never know, but they have found many celebrities hung from doorknobs, for going against these people, which was actually in relation to revealing their pedophile crimes.

That’s basically what’s at the root of it, they want to get money, fame, power, sex, drugs, or whatever it is people want to do.

The idea is that you get the power to do what you want by joining a bunch of people who help you get what you want, by any means necessary, selling your soul to the devil, which they may actually believe in, and worship as God.

Sworn to secrecy, because it’s inherently criminal, and not challenged by anyone good, because nobody good has any power, compared to these greedy, evil, murderous, pedophile bastards. No offense to Freemasons.

This is what I’ve been saying, but it just adds some more context to the whole “debate” if it is even a debate, bad people exist, and seek power.

Anyone who could debate the idea that these people exist, and that they are, or can be extremely criminal, evil, ruthless, or whatever you want to call them, is basically as moronic as they think those people are.

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