Crushing Political Dissent And Taking Freedoms Away

There should not be a single person who has seen what’s going on who could support it, and if anyone did, they had better have a damn good reason why they do.

Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to travel, freedom to work or run a business, all freedom entirely has been under attack, not just in the USA, but all around the world in the last year or more.

The elites were always there, they were always evil at the top, and there were always some of us who had some idea of what they do, but for some reason there’s a substantial amount of people who think they’re the good guys.

Starting wars for weapons profits, oil profits, napalm, land mines, agent orange, drug dealing, puppet dictators, torture, oppression, sex crimes, and more.

But they were never quite so out in the open with their crimes against humanity and corruption before, at least not to their “own” people.

The problem is of course, some people don’t see them as being out in the open, because of their corrupt media and fact checkers paid off by billions in grants from the same people.

Here’s Bill Gates funding the media ten years ago and questions raised about media bias and trust because of his funding, back then.

Bill Gates, George Soros, Facebook, Google, and the CCP, (among others), they openly fund the Poynter International Fact Checking Network which is used on Facebook and other platforms like TikTok, the Chinese CCP affiliated spying platform.

You might notice that on this page of all their funders, they left out the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which was mentioned on the previous page.

Better just screenshot that to show that the largest supposed arbiters of “truth” are lying about their funding on their own site, in case they either delete the lie, or correct the lie, on the other page of their own site, which is about the facts, and checking them.

When I tried to explain this to a self professed China loving communist, he said it wasn’t proof of anything, that site doesn’t even exist, it has a bad Alexa traffic rating, it’s click bait.

He said that, about their actual site, because he’s a communist, on board with lies, censorship and openly corrupt propaganda through AI.

What it actually means is that the guys who put billions of dollars into vaccines, to make trillions potentially, bought their way into the WHO as their largest funder, which had wide open doors for private corporation funding, disguised as charitable foundations.

They bought their way into the media, silenced people on social media platforms, some permanently, and they are even using these lies to arrest people through their centrally controlled network of totalitarian foot soldiers, around the world.

Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t use these lies to kill millions of people, or if they’re trying to provoke a war so they can crack down harder and implement a further totalitarian martial law police state.

Anyway, I proved they did that, and I’m not going to argue with anyone who says I didn’t prove that, because those people are gaslighting sociopath brainwashed Marxist retards, the other question would be, is it justified?

Well, the communist traitor who I was talking to today said that they managed to feed people in China, when before that they died of starvation, about fifty million of them, because they took their food, under the same communist regime.

They did more than that, they are in fact taking over as richest country in market share in the next ten years, with their brutal tyranny, providing cheap forced labor for a strong economy of made in China goods.

I actually thought the idea of communism was to oppose greedy rich bastards who oppressed the workers of the world in slavery to make money for themselves, but no, of course it wasn’t.

I’m not making this up, the modern leftist is a legit card carrying communist traitor and hates freedom or at least capitalism, and is willing to do anything to tear down the system we have, even ignoring absolute authoritarian suppression of freedom and democracy, to do it.

They hate religion, they hate tradition, they hate the nuclear family, they hate what they see as being homophobic, racist, sexist bigots, who oppose their freedom, to smoke crack and suck each other off while trying to get away with not working at all.

OK, that makes sense, I’m all for bisexual, interracial orgies on crack, living on free universal basic income, let’s do that instead. But, how about we don’t turn the world into China, or whatever it is they’re trying to do?

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