Chemically Poisoned From Birth

This video talks about the modern crop farming method with chemical fertilizers which weakened the natural plant’s immune system.

Then GMO crops, to deal with chemical pesticides and herbicides which have been proven to hurt us almost as much as the weeds they kill.

Bayer/Monsanto were forced to pay out billions of dollars to people they gave cancer with their Round Up ready wheat and corn, (or from not telling people to use full protective gear while spraying), but the side effects probably only begin there.

There are huge amounts of systemic medical problems people have today such as autism, and it’s not a matter of better diagnosis methods, the number of seriously mentally disabled kids went up dramatically in a few decades.

Many people have blamed vaccines for the increase in autism, and that’s just as likely a cause, proven to cause brain injury or encephalitis in some cases, it’s even listed on the inserts as a known side effect.

But the chemicals in our food poison all of us, every day, and it’s almost impossible to avoid them completely.

The only way I can think of to avoid these harmful chemicals is to do research on the farming methods of specific foods, and work out if there is poison used in their production, or grow your own.

I have a vegetable garden, and it’s hard work pulling weeds by hand, you might have to deal with pests taking a bite out of your food, but that usually doesn’t ruin the food, and there are natural pest repellents and organic fertilizers, obviously.

Glyphosate has been compared to agent orange, which devastated Vietnam, gave them horrible birth defects for generations, and some places have banned it, but it takes widespread awareness of the seriousness of the problem.

Maybe these RNA modifying vaccines are to genetically modify us to withstand the poisoning, so they can poison us more, and the GMO people will survive, but those people making them are the exact same people who made zyklon b, so bare that in mind.

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