The Destruction Of Science As We Know It

There was a larger crowd outside the Connecticut capitol building than they ever saw before, protesting as they voted to remove the religious exemption for children to be allowed in schools while not being “fully vaccinated” with every poison known to man.

This, while they have proven, thoroughly with this plandemic that there was barely any risk to school age children statistically, at least not from this latest virus, and they forced the covid vaccine onto that list before it had even been approved properly.

They covered up the terrible side effects and deaths in the stage three trials, which are being rushed through and done on children, not animals, when the last time they did an animal study for a similar virus, the ferrets died of liver failure or had an enhanced immune response when being exposed to the wild SARS virus.

“I want to make it clear, this law does not take away the choice of parents to make medical decisions for their children. But, if they do choose not to have their children vaccinated, this bill best ensures that other children and their families will not be exposed to these deadly diseases for hours each day in our schools.”

Gov. Ned Lamont

The problem here is like Del Bigtree found out in the Vaxxed movies he produced, the CDC whistleblower was told to destroy a study that showed a doubling of autism in children who took the MMR shot, and that story of covering up the horrific side effects has been shown to have happened over and over again.

For example, we continually hear stories coming out even on mainstream media sites of thousands of deaths, serious reactions, and how many ever get officially admitted, reported or compensated by the CDC and the vaccine compensation program?

The answer is, barely any, they say it didn’t happen, or there’s no proof the vaccines did that, and Facebook, Google, YouTube, the governments of the world, the WHO, they’re all siding with this skewed science, which nobody, including them even knows what it is because they’re silencing people talking about it.

If you cover up how many people died, if you tell doctors that side effects that were apparently caused by vaccines were not, so they don’t even report it to VAERS as a vaccine side effect, 99% of the time, then the science quite simply does not exist, at all.

My view is that this isn’t just bad science, it’s equivalent to a genocidal attack worthy of being called world war three.

An attack on our personal freedoms, religious freedom, freedom of speech, bodily autonomy, replacing it with medical tyranny from faulty, deadly, non existent science, skewed towards big pharma profits.

If the vaccines worked, then it would be no risk to have unvaccinated kids around the other kids, would it?

If you can’t get sick when you take a vaccine, then how do you get sick from somebody who didn’t take it when kids don’t barely even get sick at all and most of them already got it and didn’t even notice?

That in itself shows the seriousness of the problem. They know the vaccines don’t work half the time, they know they cause serious injuries, and because they lie about what they know, there’s no way of telling that the vaccines don’t kill or injure more people than the diseases.

No way, at all, because they’re thoroughly corrupt liars, and there are many studies that show a higher mortality from the vaccines, like with the DTP vaccine, the HPV vaccine, etc. This will be the case in children and the covid vax, you can bet your life on it, and this is what they’re forcing.

Over 700,000 reported deaths just in the USA from vaccines generally on the VAERS site, and I’m assuming it’s more than that, much more, but far less were actually admitted to have been proven to have been caused by the vaccines, so they just got away with saying they weren’t vaccine deaths.

They have shown themselves to be as ruthless and brutal as an army bombing a village indiscriminately with napalm to get heroin profits, because they are those same people, the drug dealers, which they also lie about.

Oxycodone has a one percent chance of addiction, and no side effects, is what they say, the same people, because they’re selling a product, yet they have been taken to court over and over again for fraud.

The problem with vaccines specifically is they somehow managed to convince people that it was a different product that had a different set of rules for who you could force to take it, and who could sue them directly for being injured by it, which is nobody.

Nobody can sue them for death and injury resulting from them being forced to take an experimental vaccine which nobody even knows the full risks of, because they covered them up.

They lied about them, and told people that it was necessary to lie about the risks, because the benefits outweighed the risk, before they worked out that was even true, which in my opinion it clearly isn’t.

Never mind the religious exemption of people not wanting to inject aborted fetal cells into their children, they might be killing their children, and they would have no way of knowing whether they were, or weren’t, because science doesn’t exist anymore and the entire system is corrupt.

“It would not have been acceptable to wait until there’s a public health crisis to do something. We needed to be proactive at this point.”

Democratic Sen. Norm Needleman, D-Essex

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