Bill and Melinda Gates Getting Divorced

So, the most hated people in the world are getting a divorce, which is good news perhaps.

Maybe nobody really cares, but it means that Bill Gates can spend more time on his main passions, wiping out population in the world, and being a pedophile.

Am I being too harsh about that? No, I remember reading in a New York Times article that he had multiple meetings with Jeffery Epstein after he was convicted of running a child sex ring for elites, and he emailed his own staff he had a great time with a Swedish woman and her 15 year old daughter, all night long.

“His lifestyle is very different and kind of intriguing”. Bill Gates

Am I going to bother to prove that part of it and stuff like he wrote it into his prenup that he could vacation with his ex girlfriend every year?

No, that’s just reporting on what the New York Times said, and I don’t really trust them either, but that’s not the main thing I’m concerned about when it comes to this guy.

He put together this thing called the “giving pledge” in which multiple billionaires including Warren Buffet, and thousands of others would pledge to give away half of their earnings, to “charities” like his private foundation, obviously.

No, you can’t cure all diseases, and you didn’t even try to do that, you lying weasel, you didn’t even try to feed the starving kids. You made money for big pharma corporations, and yourself, an investor, period.

The difference with a private foundation and a not for profit charitable foundation, is you don’t have to pay tax for some strange reason, but it’s a business, and it makes a twenty to one return on investment, as he said himself.

Vaccines are very profitable, he says the aim of his foundation is to do whatever they feel like doing, with no accountability whatsoever, and reduce the population of the world, by any means necessary, while having as much totalitarian dictatorial control, as possible.

They get away with calling it a charity because people assume for the most part that vaccines aren’t just the best way of wiping out the population of the world, as he said was the primary founding aim of his foundation, but they actually help people.

Regardless of whether they did, or didn’t, which is highly debatable given that nobody even knows, you could make a private foundation that supported NAMBLA and made money from selling t-shirts that said I love little boys.

You could still get the tax break, and you could say you were giving half your wealth to a charity for tolerance and inclusion, and people would believe you.

At least they would believe you if you gave billions of dollars in funding to mainstream media publications and fact checkers, and then got your other “giving pledge” buddies to silence anyone who said otherwise.

Politifact is funded by Bill Gates, Facebook, Google, and George Soros.

They silence themselves saying the same things that I said, or they just say them, and don’t even bother censoring themselves.

But, the fact that these things are fairly widespread knowledge would make you wonder about how much worse it gets when they actually do manage to stop the truth about their crimes from getting out.

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