The CIA Went Woke

What do you think of when you hear the CIA? I think of torture, drug dealing, assassinations, mind control, surveillance, puppet dictators, foreign election meddling, but now they’ve gone woke.

They’re not the same organization that they made the TV show American Dad about, a hard nose ruthless organization of tough, patriotic spies, with a license to kill, even their own citizens, if identified as a “terrorist” or a threat to national security. No, they’re something else.

At least, that’s what they’re claiming to be now, and they are apparently going after their own people, targeting “white supremacists” as domestic terrorists, basically because they know what’s going on with their corrupt government.

Some of them may be white supremacists, there’s the KKK, and people who like Hitler, they definitely exist as a small minority.

But, the list of potential domestic terrorists includes religious extremists, libertarians, and basically anyone who sees that the government cannot be trusted anymore, and pretty much only on one side of politics.

Americans were brainwashed to be patriotic, to support the troops, it’s as American as apple pie. Land mines, napalm, agent orange and water boarding, but that was when it was being done to somebody else, and many didn’t support the Vietnam war or most of the others that came after that.

Now, the American government has made an enemy out of almost half the population of America itself, and they get to see what it feels like to be targeted as a terrorist by an invading army in their own country.

It seems harsh to say it, but maybe they should know what that actually feels like, considering the amount of people who supported endless wars for weapons profits, oil profits, heroin profits, and the murder and torture of anyone who opposed US “interests” in the world.

I can appreciate that the world is a dangerous place, and somebody was going to be the dominant power. If it wasn’t the US, it would have been China, or Russia, or Germany or Japan, maybe even Saudi Arabia, but there’s a certain point at which it becomes overkill.

That point is basically when they spend trillions on weapons, just to make weapons profits. When they write a blank check for weapons corporations to spend as much as they want, however they want, regardless of whether it’s in the interest of the country, or not.

Flying in the face of this corrupt, brutal, murderous criminal organization of drug dealers, assassins, torturers, and worse, you have this ad for the CIA where a “cisgender” minority woman with an anxiety disorder invites hippies and freaks and even kids to join the organization, to go to war against conservatives, their own country men.

The CIA was not even meant to operate within the USA, it’s a foreign intelligence organization, not that they stuck to that anyway, but that doesn’t seem to be the deal anymore, because according to Biden, the capitol riot was the largest threat to the US democracy since the civil war.

That’s how you create a civil war, and that does in fact seem to be what they’re trying to do, but as Tucker said, they can’t even be serious, or nobody in their right mind would take them seriously, so maybe it’s just a front for some other agenda.

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