Hyperinflation Of The Dollar In 2021?

Hyperinflation is not just speculation, at this point, many products have risen in price by a significant amount, for example lumber for construction almost doubled in price causing a significant increase of tens of thousands to the cost of a new home.

If the buildings cost more, the rent costs more, and that means leases on businesses cost more, due to the market following itself with supply and demand, which means the cost of everything goes up, even around the world, just from that one commodity, over time.

People argue about whether it will happen to the level that you will need a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a loaf of bread, but they’re printing a ton of money and giving it away as stimulus right now, mostly to themselves.

That’s what you would expect them to do, and that’s half the reason why they did this whole thing, shut down small businesses, to consolidate their globalist corporate criminal empire in a great reset.

There’s no absolute certainty in an environment like this, and another thing that makes it even more uncertain is cryptocurrencies.

The advice I’ve gotten, based on an uncertain future of the stock market and the value of the dollar, war like conditions, talk of a depression, is diversify your portfolio.

What I mean by that is I have money in my house, I have physical silver, storable food and essential items, and I have some cryptocurrencies.

What I chose to do personally was invest in smaller cryptocurrencies, for example Bitcoin Cash went up by a quarter or more of it’s value in one day, yesterday.

It cost me almost that much when I bought it in fees, like I bought it at a crypto trading site, there was a broker fee and the fee for transferring it from the seller to them, and then transferring it from their site to my wallet, which ate up about 20%.

Because there was a surge in that particular coin, I lost fifty from two hundred and fifty in fees just to buy it, and then it turned into about three hundred at the moment, and that was in less than a week.

That’s how uncertain these things are, but I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket. I have money in about a dozen different cryptos, not Bitcoin at the moment because I don’t think the money you lose in buying it in the first place is likely to make you a huge profit.

There’s already a huge market cap on Bitcoin, of over a trillion dollars, and given there’s only a few hundred trillion in the world, and there’s all these other cryptos, some of which are designed better, more private and easier to use as money, it doesn’t make sense to me to buy Bitcoin specifically.

In my opinion, people are going to figure that out, and they’re going to realize that the only way to make the kind of money that people made from Bitcoin originally is to get into the other coins.

So, I have some Monero, Vechain, Litecoin, etc, I had some Dogecoin and I wish I hadn’t sold it too soon, but it’s kind of a similar argument as Bitcoin, there’s 75 billion in it already, and no real specific reason why people would want it, other than it has a cute dog selling it.

That’s kind of a similar thing with Piratechain, in the Dollar Vigilante videos, Lucy is a pretty cute dog, but the difference there is that you can use the coin for total privacy in your transactions, which could make it very popular if it takes off, and it might.

I just put a few hundred into a bunch of different coins, I buy a little silver, a little storable food, a little of this crypto, or that one, but one thing I don’t do is just leave large amounts of money in the bank, because why would you?

With the current inflation rate, you’re going to lose at least 3% a year, if we don’t go into hyperinflation, and even the term deposits still don’t make you a profit if you put your money in them, at least not at the moment with such low interest rates.

I wouldn’t borrow money to invest in cryptos, although people are doing that, but there’s only two ways it can go, back down again, or up further, and some of them could go up in a big way.

Even if they just stayed the same, and didn’t crash, then you would be doing better than having your money in fiat currency, if hyperinflation happens, and a lot of people are saying it could. BTW don’t just take my advice on this stuff, do your own research.

One thought on “Hyperinflation Of The Dollar In 2021?

  1. I knew Bill Gates was Bad. He’s having his Heaven on Earth. He can Rule this World.vi Really don’t Care. And I live on a Fixed Income. And I have a little bit of money. And I would love to leave my Babies and there Babies. To where they could get Bye Easier. But U know I’m not going to help him (Gates) in the END.😎 Because I Do think he’s a, are, The hand of Satan. There are a lot more but there days are NuMbErEd. I do think that Money is the best way to Control, who well Fall into there Way. But We All Well Soon Know The Truth. 👍


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