Are People Waking Up To The Evil Of Bill Gates?

There’s no shortage of people that are still left on large mainstream media and social media platforms who are starting to question the narrative in some way, and perhaps they’re only still there because they didn’t say exactly what they thought about it.

Here Russell Brand questions why Bill Gates would prevent vaccine companies around the world from getting the recipe to make vaccines, if they’re so beneficial for people, and he’s such a nice guy.

When asked about it, he just basically said no, as though he was the person in charge of the world. That research that was funded by tax payers and he isn’t a doctor or a politician, he’s a mass murdering drug dealing criminal.

The tax payers paid for the gain of function on coronaviruses from bats to be done on the virus in the Wuhan lab, so they could infect people with it, and then they paid for billions of dollars of research on MRNA, that was funded by DARPA.

Then they paid for the vaccines, which aren’t even vaccines, whether they wanted them or not, with no liability to the manufacturers for any injuries, which they covered up thoroughly, while the media and social media platforms and the fact checkers they funded with billions banned anyone for speaking out against it.

Then they make all the money, while they poison the world, sterilize and exterminate the people who paid them to do it, because that is just how evil they are. Bill Gates is a psychopath eugenicist pedophile, and so is anyone in this system of utterly corrupt criminality.

Most people can’t wrap their head around it, but as far as I can work out, it’s like the Luciferian Freemasons, if not actually people in the Freemasons.

You join their system, and you get the truth hidden from you, revealed in stages, threatened if you reveal what you do know, and as you climb the ladder, there are tests to see if you can get on board with their ruthless, murderous agenda, and if you can’t, you don’t advance.

Even Russell himself is probably involved, as he does have the 33 tattoo on his arm, and while he says that’s the birthday of Jesus, that’s not a common Christian tattoo, when I searched Christian tattoos 33, I got a picture of him.

It means 33rd degree Freemason, where you learn that Lucifer is God and are initiated into the cult fully, and given the most power and wealth, or so they say.

Katy Perry his ex for example said she sold her soul to the devil when she was just fifteen, and according to some, that means she joined the illuminati, the unofficial name of this group, and as such was given fame, wealth, power, etc.

33 on the dog collar doesn’t seem much like it’s the birthday of Jesus.

The secrecy of this secret society or societies means that if he was to reveal their secrets, he might get his throat slit, his head cut off, his bowels cut out and fed to wild dogs, or whatever the hell it was they said in the initiation rituals.

For people who aren’t in it, they’re still going to kill you, if they can, because they just think there are too many people and they want all the money and power and resources, and there’s not much more to it than that, although they would of course tell you otherwise, I’m sure, and they may not even know themselves.

Due to the secrecy and lies, inherent in the organization, even to their own members, not only does nobody trust them, but nobody trusts anybody, particularly rich and famous or powerful people, because they think they might be one of them, or taking orders from them.

That is the insidious nature of these people, and it’s not a conspiracy theory, that there are conspiracy theories, just because of their secrets, lies, and censorship by itself.

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