Terrorism And Genocide For Your Safety

Some young kids today indoctrinated by communist brainwashing in universities might say I’m going too far by calling their “new normal” of totalitarian control a terrorist attack on the world, far larger than 9/11.

I’m actually not going far enough. Even if you believe that they didn’t do the gain of function on the coronaviruses from bats, and tell you before hand that they were going to release it, to do a “great reset” of capitalism and to wipe out population in the world, it’s still an attack on freedom and democracy.

It’s an attack on free speech, it’s an attack on bodily autonomy, it’s an attack on small businesses, it’s particularly an attack on children and their mental health, scarring them for life.

It’s also organized attacks with communist thugs wearing black, or wearing blue, raping, pillaging, murdering, kidnapping, burning and looting innocent people.

And they claim a virus, a slightly worse flu is the reason when for the vast majority of people, covid is less deadly than the flu, but then measles is less deadly than the flu as well, or about the same 0.1% deaths, depending on age and health.

They brainwashed people and blatantly lied to people, censored doctors and journalists to the extent that they just don’t know what reality is anymore.

There were people polled who got lied to over a year ago that there would be tens of millions dead, just in the USA, and over ten percent of them think that it happened, even though it didn’t.

Don’t ask me to explain it again, I don’t even trust any of these polls or stats, the death rate in America didn’t go up by a substantial amount, more than half the world already got it.

The old people who had two or more other underlying causes of death on the death certificate as a vast majority were going to die within a few years anyway, and it’s practically over as a “pandemic” not that it even was one.

However, people are dying. There were a significant amount of the “excess deaths” in America caused by other things like delayed medical treatments, people not wanting to go to hospitals, increases in alcoholism, drug abuse, crime, shootings, etc.

People are starting to go hungry even in America, and in the world, the starvation deaths are piling up, and hyperinflation may be coming, making it even worse, but when you search for increase in deaths due to starvation in 2020 on Google?

Here’s a UN site recently saying 155 million faced acute food shortages due to “covid” and were stunted in their growth, wasting away, bendy spines, distended bellies, one step away from death, and it’s already too late for a lot of them because they’re screwed from it.

But it wasn’t from covid, the increase in starvation was directly caused by their actions, the WHO.

The World Health Organization forced these lock downs around the world, then they said they didn’t, and it killed and injured about a hundred times more people than “covid” would have done.

I tried to find out how many died from starvation, which is the leading cause of deaths from disease, according to them, and I couldn’t.

They’re trying to gaslight you by saying that it wasn’t their fault directly, by pushing the lockdowns around the world, which came straight out of the mouth of Bill Gates, the largest funder of the WHO.

They’re trying to tell you that it was covid that caused it, or it was conflict or climate change that led to the people starving, and they won’t even tell you how many died from their actions, as opposed to the virus they made in the lab and released on purpose.

This is because it’s quite easy to lie with statistics, especially if you have medical diagnosis protocols that mean you don’t even need a faulty test designed to show false positives to say that somebody “died” of covid, when they died of malnutrition.

It’s the same thing with the vaccines, but in reverse. The only way anybody knows any estimation of the actual number of people who die or get injured by covid vaccines is from the few thousand people they did the initial trials on.

The big pharma companies who profit from vaccines did the trials, which are still being done on the masses, by the way, and they said in virtually every case where there was a death or an injury, there was no proof it was caused by the vaccine.

The VAERS system of reporting is optional, often patients have to fill out the report themselves, when they’re dead, which is obviously why it doesn’t happen.

My opinion of them is at a bare minimum they’re ruthless corporate criminals trying to make money, vicious military leaders trying to take over the world through medical tyranny, and in my opinion they’re also trying to kill as many people as they possibly can because they’re the same eugenicists who funded Hitler.

This is world war three, you might not have fully realized that’s what it is yet, because of the propaganda and censorship, but that is what it is.

They’re totalitarian evil, murdering terrorists, and they have to be treated as such, and it has to be recognized by millions, if we have any chance at all of defeating them.

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