Fun Facts About Conspiracy Theories That Were Proven True

Fun facts that even the fact checkers admit were true include that the US government poisoned alcohol during prohibition to try to stop people from drinking.

Don’t get me started on that, during the twenties they had coca in Coca Cola, they had heroin in cough syrup, they had meth in chocolate, or they changed various laws before and after they tried prohibition of alcohol, or about the same time.

They didn’t even used to tell people what was in it, they advertised heroin cough syrup to children, and people could see a change going on in society, but they didn’t know exactly what it was and just freaked out and had a Satanic panic.

Or perhaps the government were the Satanists the whole time, I mean you don’t really have any way of justifying poisoning your own citizens because they drink alcohol, or take anything, especially when the CIA ran the drug trade, if not going back that far, then definitely after world war two.

It’s murder, plain and simple, and the US government killed about a hundred million people in the world, including their own citizens, if not more with war and various things.

They could say the same about Russia, China, Germany, almost any country to some degree, but most countries did not go that far, and the US is not widely known for being so brutal, because we get fed lies through US run propaganda.

The thing to understand is, it’s not really the government doing it, it’s the corporations who own the government, and they have been globalists for at least a century now, influencing the entire world with their products and policies and plans.

Here’s a video from Fox News where Tucker interviews a highly acclaimed doctor who says that the biggest institutions are not capable of doing science anymore.

The big pharma industry is pushing terrible decisions that kill people, against all logic and reason, without even managing to hide it, except from the brainwashed.

The reason is clear, they make more money from selling more drugs, making new drugs and vaccines that everyone in the world must take, before they’re even approved, for the viruses they made in a lab on purpose.

The extremes to which they have gone to make money for people who were already rich can only be described as genocide, with the aim of mass depopulation, and that is actually what they’re doing, but most people just don’t even want to know.

I find it disturbing myself, but I keep telling the story because there are people who actually believe the philanthropic claims these corporate criminals make about saving the world, being green, ending disease, being morally righteous, at the same time the same people are committing mass genocide.

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