The Criminals Responsible For The Pandemic

The Luciferian Freemason sign of silence.

It’s a bit like saying I told you so, over and over again as the evidence comes out that Fauci funded the Wuhan lab to do gain of function on coronaviruses from bats, and he told you there was going to be a surprise outbreak in 2017.

He said there’s no doubt in my mind that there will be a new virus pandemic in Trump’s administration.

No doubt in his mind, you cannot get more clear than that and even Snopes said true, he did say that, but that doesn’t mean he released the virus that he issued the grant to do the gain of function on.

It’s not conjecture that they were doing gain of function research, it’s a proven fact, as it always was, and it is in fact not reasonable for anyone who saw the evidence I saw to say they didn’t plan to release it on purpose and that’s the next thing that needs to come out to the masses.

The thing about that is, you can’t get away with saying that about some people, they’re above suspicion in the minds of some, for absolutely no reason at all.

Hand covering one eye.

They defend their vital work in making bat viruses capable of infecting humans because they’re psychopaths and eugenicists.

My opinion of what should be done with Fauci brings thoughts to my mind of a Vatican torture chamber, and I’m not a violent person, but the logical opinion anyone should have is he needs to be tried for crimes against humanity.

It’s criminal, they think they can get away with it, and if they can, then the entire system is so hopelessly corrupted and screwed, you have to get rid of the entire system and everyone in it to avoid the same thing happening again.

That’s not to say that there aren’t good people in there, somewhere, maybe, but if they allow themselves to be fed dangerous lies in the face of evidence this damning, they aren’t good people, period.

Excusing crimes of this magnitude and taking part in the implementation of the plan those people made, is not at all excusable by saying “I was just following orders”, in fact, it’s almost equally as bad.

The hidden hand.

If a psycho killer wants to kill people as an individual, and people want to stop them, they might call the police, or shoot them in the head to defend someone they were about to kill or injure, in self defense, but if they defend him, protect him, hide the bodies, give an alibi, they are an accessory to murder.

In this case, an accessory to mass murder on a global scale, and that is also the case for the “least guilty” of people who refuse to accept the mounting evidence and proof that these people are in fact industrial scale mass murderers and even legit Satanists or Luciferian Freemasons.

A legit Satan worshiping psycho killer.

I’m urging anyone who is on the fence about speaking up, telling this story, trying to convert people to the truth, to trust your gut, trust the clear evidence.

Do the right thing, and don’t back down until the truth is accepted as being the truth, and if this isn’t a proven fact, that Fauci is the godfather of gain of function, then nothing is a proven fact, which would lead you to the same conclusion, that the system is screwed.

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