The Illogical Compliance Of The Fearful Brainwashed Masses

As this video explains, none of it makes any sense, and almost everyone, even those speaking out against it tend to speak in a language that implies they don’t want to be seen as a conspiracy theorist.

The method of doing science has been changed, the medical industry imposes tyranny that seems disproportionate to the threat, and even those doctors and experts who can see it say they want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

They are conditioned to follow orders, like soldiers in an army, trained to trust their leaders and do their job, even against their own morals and values and common sense.

Patriotism, group think, belief in the system, brainwashing, indoctrination and threats for anyone who goes against it, it’s a cult, and operates exactly like a cult.

The only way it makes sense is if you understand that the people running this want power and wealth for themselves, and they want to reduce the population of the world by any means necessary.

They don’t give a damn about anyone’s health, they don’t care about anyone but themselves, they are a gang of criminals. Psychopathic mass murdering drug dealers, and they always were, but they fund the media and universities to brainwash people that they are the unquestionable truth.

The vast majority of people are in the group of those who get brainwashed, who believe they are following orders from the revered, trusted elders of the cult, while they unknowingly destroy their own society, their own family, and themselves.

These people are so evil, they just want to brag that they can make anyone do anything, like blow themselves up as a suicide bomber, poison their own children based on a nonsensical order, just so they can laugh at them and show off their power.

They are legit psychopaths, and I can show countless examples of that, particularly over history of the most ruthless, brutal, vicious murdering bastards, psychopaths, rising to the top because they all seek power and control.

They have been using the same formula for a very long time, they tell the public one thing, that they’re the good guys, doing everything for the benefit of the people, the general lies that politicians tell, while using that position of trust to take everything for themselves.

The examples aren’t important, they’re all over the place right now as the media tell you when you are allowed to hug your family, when you’re allowed to go outside with a mask, when you’re allowed to send your kids to school, when you’re allowed to live your life as a human being.

These are the same people who planned this “simulation of a deliberate release of a respiratory pathogen” and told you they were going to do all of this before they did in their own documents, over and over again.

There’s only two ways you can take that, they’re mass murdering psychopaths, or they’re mass murdering psychopaths.

Given solid proof that they did in fact plan all this, and given no rational explanation other than they want more power for themselves, more money and less population to deal with in the world, they can only be called monsters.

The proof already exists, and it’s not going away, the cognitive dissonance of their mind controlled slaves and cult members is not going to be enough to keep it quiet forever, and so the war is approaching.

It will be a war because there will still be a very large number of their cult members who won’t let go of their system of enslavement to psychopaths, even if the majority of people wake up to it.

At this stage, we’ve not even woken up a third of the people to the full extent of the evil of these people, because of the censorship and mind control, but those who are aware of the mass destruction of the world that their ideas are causing, obviously, are determined to expose it.

I spoke at a protest yesterday in Tasmania, there has been no cases of covid for an entire year here, no deaths in all of Australia this year, yet they had the area cordoned off with ropes, and teams of people with QR codes trying to track everyone that entered.

I want to make that really clear, they’re insane, anyone who doesn’t understand that is insane, but not just insane, dangerous enough to be called a threat to our entire way of life by even having a job doing such a thing at the expense of the tax payers.

Dangerous enough to be called terrorists, in an army of terrorists, because they follow orders that terrorize people that make no sense, at all other than trying to extort people for ruthless, greedy, power mad criminal globalist elites.

I just said nuh, and walked through them, and they tried briefly to chase after me, but they obviously knew on some level how ridiculous the entire thing was, and they were like just let him go.

Just let me go, walking down the street, instead of terrorize me with a terrorist agenda that makes zero sense whatsoever for legit Satan worshiping psychopaths on the other side of the world. OK, there’s a good mind controlled slave.

One thought on “The Illogical Compliance Of The Fearful Brainwashed Masses

  1. U are right. Patriotism is something I have never felt comfortable with. Never. Now it is showing its demonic face. The decades of people being proud of their country has now revealed the true ugliness of patriotism. It stopped us questioning government decisions. It stopped us from thinking. We handed over our power. And now we have to find a way of getting that power back.

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