The Campaign To Cut Off The Balls Of Little Boys

So the powers that be have been trying to wipe out population in the world, any way they can, for about a hundred years now, eugenics philosophy.

They created feminism, and eventually promoted homosexuality, porn, abortion, contraception, wars, drugs, sterilization and endocrine disrupting chemicals on the crops and in vaccines.

Releasing biological weapons, literally anything to reduce the population of the world, on purpose as they seemed to be getting desperate to do so.

I don’t care about what an adult decides to do with another adult or their own body, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, but when it comes to small children, it becomes a problem, to any rational person to raise them in a eugenics cult.

It’s the same way that children will believe in Santa Claus if you tell them he exists, they will believe in almost any religion you tell them to believe, perhaps for life, because they learn almost everything they’re going to learn before they’re seven years old.

At the age of seven, they barely even know how to tie their own shoes, they do not have a sexuality, or a gender identity, they would not and do not need or want a fake penis in their diaper as a toddler.

This is just basic truth, you can teach people to believe almost anything, even to make a straight person gay, or vice versa, but it’s become trendy and woke to be “tolerant” to the point of mental illness, and child abuse.

I heard about a mother in the fairly small town where I live sending her six year old boy to school in a dress, and buns in his hair like Princess Leia from Star Wars and this wasn’t the only story that I heard like that.

No particular reason, they just want to make it seem normal to dress your little boy up as a girl, and the same thing already happened to a lesser extent with girls wearing pants, but by now, it’s just considered normal.

Is it normal though? Is it normal that women now act like men, and want to be men, or are encouraged to behave in the traditional way that men always used to, rather than learning how to be a housewife and mother?

Is it normal that they go to work, with two parents working, which just raised the price of houses so they were no better off, when the housework and raising of children still needs to be done as well?

Is the whole thing designed to break apart the traditional family, the traditional man/woman relationship, and confuse gender roles and identity to the point of no return?

Yes, it is, and it was. They succeeded in achieving a lower than replacement rate birth rate, with a majority in the West not even in a relationship at all, and are trying to force their gender programs on the world, in countries that as a majority would probably kill them if they could for even suggesting such a thing.

They want to ban the words mother and father, they want to educate boys that they could and perhaps should be girls, and vice versa.

Normal sex between a man and his wife is wrong, but any sort of weird freaky kinky sex that can’t make babies, that’s being ignorant if you don’t support it and teach your children to do it.

They try to say it’s tolerance and inclusion, but what it is is a calculated eugenics program, and they didn’t hide it, like most of the things they do, they just came up with a sales pitch that hid it from stupid people.

They also threatened anyone who spoke the truth, or spoke their opinion based on religion or tradition, silenced them, censored them, bullied them and gaslighted them until many of them doubt in their own mind what the truth is.

However this isn’t normal, none of this is normal, I was fairly progressive, I don’t try to force my ideas down other people’s throats, however that is what they did and are doing with this.

The push is to allow sex change surgery and puberty blockers for prepubescent children, even without the permission of the parents, and while this would probably be a mistake for the majority of parents, it’s not a mistake for the eugenicists, it’s all part of the plan.

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