How Many People Think They’re Winning This War?

These people trying to force medical tyranny, social tyranny, and the censorship of any opposing opinions and facts are really starting to get on my nerves. I just can’t stomach them, and I’m not alone.

I already had huge issues with what they had already done to society, the social conditioning, the mind control, the Hollywood propaganda and brainwashing all with a hidden eugenicist agenda.

They like to give themselves the illusion of being against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fighting against white supremacists, fighting against the destruction of the environment and promoting public safety.

But that’s ultimately to hide the fact that they are mass murdering, drug dealing pedophile eugenicists trying to kill or silence everyone in their way so they can take over the world, starving a hundred million people to death in the third world as we speak with the lockdowns they forced, by design.

The stereotypical privileged straight white male megalomaniac narcissist is what they are, dominant, violent, brutal, arrogant, sexist, racist, etc. Worse than anyone they lay that claim on in the general public, though they are very good at hiding their psychopathy and all they need to do is say it, and that convinces most people.

But because that is still the largest group that has power that isn’t them or could possibly stand in opposition to their tyranny, they attack them every way they can and try to cut their balls off and bully them to make them feminized, domesticated sub human slaves, vilified using propaganda.

It’s a war on traditional values, it’s a war on being free and independent from government tyranny, it’s a war on men being men, women being women, and it’s a war on truth, science, independent thought, democracy and reality.

They want ultimate control over everyone on earth, to tell you when you can work, breathe, go to school, when you have to take their experimental poisons, when you can hug your family, and they silence, bully and censor anyone who questions their lies in any way at all.

It has been a gradual change over time, in my opinion it started with feminism, the destruction of the traditional family unit, and promoting “civil rights”.

But tolerance turned into much greater intolerance for anyone who was seen to be intolerant to ever more rapidly moving social change that went beyond social justice and became illogical insanity and tyranny of the state.

These monsters say they want to force children to take an unproven gene therapy that has a higher chance of killing them or injuring them than a virus they created in a lab on purpose.

Eric Clapton talked about the horrific side effects he got from taking the AstraZeneca vaccine which was banned in dozens of countries, he thought he may never be able to play the guitar again and he was one of millions now, not just from this vaccine either.

Drugs, smoking, alcohol, obesity, vitamin deficiencies, old age, these are the main risk factors in dying from a flu they souped up in the lab, or the highest risk factors to dying generally, but do they spend anywhere near the same amount of money to try to push making better choices to become healthier to avoid those risks?

No, they have CSNBC and other media outlets and fact checkers funded by Bill Gates directly, pushing mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports that will create an underclass of those who don’t follow corporate/government dictates that their own numbers show will not benefit a majority of people, especially seeing as they mostly already got covid and have natural, lasting immunity.

The media is one thing, and it does work on a substantial amount of easily brainwashed hypnotized, mind controlled sheep, but how many of these are there, and how would you even know other than their fake polls?

Half the scientists working at the CDC didn’t take the shot, because they probably know that it has about as much chance of killing them or injuring them as the virus, and though they can’t speak up about it without losing their job, that is what they actually think.

The virus? Made in a lab on purpose, if it even exists, and my city, it doesn’t exist, or hasn’t officially in a whole year but they still have the screens in front of checkouts, QR codes in restaurants and markets, the signs telling you where to stand on the floor.

The mask? One study said it’s more likely to make you sick with the flu, it’s a dirty rag that collects bacteria, and it might stop a drop of spit from getting out of your mouth if you’re already sick, but it’s more likely to make you sick.

The PCR test? 90% false positives among healthy people, the inventor said it wasn’t made to diagnose disease and said Fauci doesn’t know anything about anything and I’d say that to his face.

The banned therapeutics? Safer and more effective than the experimental vaccine which has killed thousands of people, perhaps even hundreds of thousands by now, horrific side effects that destroy lives.

The general race war and cultural war they’re trying to force, calling conservative people white supremacist terrorists who just want to go back to an old fashioned normal world not an Orwellian nightmare of the new normal, post modern, transhumanist eugenics death cult?

It will be a war, sooner or later, if it’s not already, designed to wipe out one side, or the other, and I don’t think they even care which side dies just as long as somebody dies by the millions, or even billions as that’s the goal, reducing the population.

Divide and conquer, terrorize, manipulate, brainwash and control the masses by telling them it’s morally right to fight against the traditional world, in favor of a new world where you will own nothing and be happy eating bugs and weeds in a surveillance state of absolute communist tyranny.

I don’t have the ability to fight an actual war, I’m not a soldier, never seen a gun in my life, but my prediction is, the pressure they’re putting on people will not make them submit, they will reach a breaking point for one reason or another.

At this point many of them don’t care if they live or die, they just want to see justice done to these psychopathic lying totalitarian war criminals by any means necessary, and for anyone in their branch covidian cult of lies and fear and slavery to monsters, sorry to say it, but you have a target on your heads as well, because you listened to the wrong people.

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