Do Satanists Really Believe In Satan And How Do You Tell?

I’ve posted a few videos from Russell Brand, as he was one of the more famous of the Hollywood celebrities to start questioning the mainstream narrative of covid lockdowns and big pharma corporations and the virus being made in a lab, and all that.

I did something approaching the same thing on social media a year ago and I was silenced, as were millions of people including doctors and experts and even the president of the USA, which has led many people to suggest that he’s one of them, or controlled opposition, both of them, even all of them.

I actually already suggested this myself in previous posts, because 33 is not a tattoo that Christians usually get, it doesn’t mean the age Jesus was when he died, or that isn’t the most widely known meaning.

It means 33rd degree Freemason, sublime prince of the royal secret, or that’s the 32nd degree, and I did a post with a five hour long video showing thousands of Hollywood celebrities doing the hand signs of Luciferian Freemasonry.

I showed there was plenty of evidence that Fauci was one of them, Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Madonna, Bill Cosby, Beyonce, Jay Z, Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, I mean you could go on all day long with circumstantial evidence.

The problem is, those hand signs such as the sign of the horns are fairly widely used in popular culture or every day life.

It doesn’t seem to be something you would think a president would do, on such a routine basis, even if it meant rock on or whatever and George W Bush said he was in a secret society so secret he couldn’t say anything more about it.

You wouldn’t think they would do the finger to the lips so often if they were just doing it by chance or the 666 or OK sign, the diamond or triangle hand sign, etc.

Trump did all of those things, and almost every president did the hand signs and also mentioned the new world order in speeches.

So, it’s a thing, it’s a widely used thing, maybe some people are just copying other people who started doing it to display their allegiance to secret societies, but there are secret societies who have signs to display their allegiance which is a known fact.

With that being the case, you can’t trust any of these people, considering that a CIA director was famously quoted as saying: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false.”

They told you they were lying to you, they told you they were in secret societies, they lied about being in them, they lied about what they do, they may possibly have lied about lying to everyone all the time, about everything, but that’s about how insanely deceptive they are.

Getting back to what these people believe, how would I know if they won’t tell you? They may be saying the exact opposite to what they really believe to play an acting role as an Operation Mockingbird plant.

They might hint at it, and the feeling I get is they probably don’t take it too seriously as a majority, but nobody knows, unless you happen to be in the know.

What they do know is there’s something seriously fishy going on and the only thing they said that can be proven is that they were lying at least some of the time, and in the most serious cases, those lies killed people, but they could have been lying about that too.

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