The Corrupt And Deceptive World Of Scientism

I had one guy attacking me for promoting the videos of Amazing Polly because they said she was one of them Qanons or whatever, a Trump supporter.

I think at one stage she was into that, but I was briefly as well, until I realized that was a scam, and people attack me for attacking Trump as well, so you can’t win.

Many of the leading proponents of the resistance movement, or freedom movement have been labelled controlled opposition, which means that people are so distrustful of the establishment that they believe that many of those opposing it might also be one of them.

They don’t trust the establishment, they think they’re complete psychopaths.

Lying weasel war criminals beyond the level of the Nazis or the communists, but they also believe that many of the “conspiracy theorists” opposing them are working for them as well.

I don’t actually blame them for thinking that, but what this video is showing is a paper put out by the cult of scientism, and it explains how they admit themselves that they cannot win the debate when it comes to science.

Masks don’t work, it doesn’t matter to me if they do or don’t, I don’t support anyone telling you that you have to wear them, that’s totalitarian tyranny, and even if they worked, it would not be acceptable, but they don’t.

The push for mandatory covid vaccines is more like an attack by murderous psychopathic war criminals, violating the Nuremberg code on forced medical experimentation, and has been labeled by many experts a possible depopulation attempt.

The ex chief science officer of Pfizer said that, and I saw Melinda Gates at a conference on population control discussing the sterilization shot made by Pfizer that they would be bringing out to the women in the third world so they wouldn’t have to walk fifteen miles to be sterilized.

These corporations like Johnson and Johnson were caught putting asbestos in baby powder, they had cyanide in Tylenol, they push addictive and deadly opiates, they have been sued multiple times for faking safety studies.

My honest opinion is they’re not just trying to make money, they’re trying to reduce the number of people on purpose, or control people with fear to accomplish political goals, like the great reset.

Now is the time for a great reset says Klaus Schwab, making it abundantly clear that he’s not even trying to hide the fact they were responsible for causing all of this to happen on purpose, for that exact goal.

The WEF funded Event 201, I wrote a post about how the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, Bill Gates, big pharma, big tech all conspired to plan this “simulation” of a deliberate release of a deadly respiratory pathogen to take over the world.

They already basically took over the world, but they want Chinese communist style tyranny where you will own nothing and you will be happy, censorship of free speech, social credit scores, medical tyranny and forced depopulation around the world.

Sterilization and extermination of the masses because they are no longer beneficial to the goals of absolute power for the globalist elites, who no longer need tons of people to fight in armies to keep them in control.

They have AI robot drones and smart bombs now, they have directed energy weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, they don’t even need to fight wars at all, but it makes them money from selling weapons and also gets rid of people, who they view as useless eaters.

I can’t emphasize this enough, the elites who run the world are straight trying to kill you, virtually everyone in the world, and they said they were, and they own or fund almost everything, including the academic organizations who write papers like these.

Even the government institutions who ran this terror campaign based on lies admit they went too far with it and left people with PTSD. If you seen the movie American Sniper, you know how that can turn out.

Some people said I was going too far in opposing them, but my opinion is that nobody is going far enough, and they got away with it, at this stage, they got away with the worst crime against humanity in a long time, possibly on the road to becoming the worst ever.

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