The Rockerfeller Eugenics Death Cult And The Green New Deal

This video is from over a decade ago, and yes it’s Info Wars, people criticize Alex Jones, they say he’s controlled opposition, and I don’t really know if that’s true or not, almost everyone has been accused of that.

What is true is that he has been right on most things because he’s looking at their documents, exposing their plans, for well over a decade, and even if he is controlled opposition, you’re more likely to hear the truth from him than anybody else, if slightly biased towards viewing the globalists as literal Satanists.

Why would he be openly fighting against their plans if he was one of them? I don’t know that he is, but there are theories.

Perhaps to introduce the ideas to the public in opposition to them, to get them used to the idea of eugenics and depopulation, and plant the seed in people’s minds that these globalists had massive power and were virtually unstoppable.

It could also be used in a similar way to Qanon, to discredit and silence “disinformation” and label it crazy conspiracy theory because it was and is, so insanely brutal.

Maybe he’s not one of them, but still following the agenda of the elites by reading off the documents they released publicly, knowing that people would find them and expose them.

I don’t view his show as absolute truth or absolute facts, but the majority of the things he said or the general gist of it turned out to be more true than not, and he’s only repeating what they said in their own documents.

The Rockerfeller Foundation has openly supported eugenics and population control, they funded I.G. Farben and Bayer who was instrumental in bringing Hitler and the Nazis to power, and various other powerful people began the Eugenics movement in the USA, if you can even call it a new idea.

They are not the only player in the globalist eugenics agenda, the WHO, the UN, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, Facebook, Google, George Soros, presidents, prime ministers, bankers, countless people are openly in on the same centralized globalist agenda of the new world order. That link was the Rothschilds, who are also in on it.

It’s hard to put your finger on where it starts and where it ends, because their propaganda, pushed by the media they own, the schools and universities they fund and control, they all push the same basic narrative.

Sexual and racial social conditioning, GMO crops and toxic pesticides, vaccines and the medical system, the green new deal, abortion, contraception, teaching kids they should be less like the sex they were born as, hating yourself, hating your country, medical tyranny and manufactured wars, it’s all part of the same eugenics agenda.

They manage to brainwash so many people because it sounds virtuous on the face of it.

Care for the environment, don’t be racist or sexist or greedy or cruel, things almost everyone could agree with.

The thing is, they do the exact opposite. Don’t deal drugs, but we deal drugs. Don’t kill people, but we kill people. Don’t rape women or children, but we do. Don’t pollute the earth, but we do. Wear a mask and lock down, but we don’t.

Do what we say, not as we do, and they teach you that you are the problem, that the little people cause the problems, when the one percent own 90% of everything on earth and have all the power to make any changes that “should” be made.

I got sucked into the green movement which came from these same people, Co2 will cause the ocean to rise above our heads, which might have some fraction of truth to it, possibly, but not in our lifetimes, and it’s not even close to the main threat.

This was at best a lie, or a distortion of the facts, leaving out many of the things they were actually concerned about, resources, wealth, land, and dictatorial control, for themselves.

At worst, it’s a straight out death cult seeking to brainwash people to kill themselves, and each other while giving them all the money and power and resources, by getting the feeble minded to follow the orders of the most evil, ruthless, hypocritical den of thieves ever to walk the face of the earth.

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