Facebook Whistleblowers Detail Extreme Censorship Of Vaccine Hesitancy

Just got banned on Facebook again, after three days, making it almost a full year I spent in Facebook jail, but it wasn’t about vaccines, though it kind of was, in a way.

These people in a group called policing the police were talking about the situation a guy found himself in with a convicted pedophile.

He knew this guy was a convicted pedophile, and he was hanging around taking photos of his six year old daughter, and he went to the police and they didn’t do anything about it.

I said that you can’t just go around killing people for taking photos, and you also probably wouldn’t get away with it now that you said it on social media.

Most people were saying stuff like you should break his bones one by one with a hammer, castrate him and burn him alive, boil him in acid, you know Vatican Inquisition type of stuff for heretics.

I don’t really agree with killing someone like that even if they were the worst person on earth, and I don’t know if a guy taking photos of a girl really qualifies for the worst person on earth, regardless of her age, but it could be, potentially.

Yeah, yet again, you got it wrong, and I got it right, and I’m banned for another thirty days you totalitarian communist bastards.

He could be taking photos of her to put her on a database of children for sale, so she can be kidnapped when the sale goes through, and raped or tortured for the rest of her life, have her organs harvested for sale or who knows what.

You can only imagine what these type of people might do, but I just said if it was me, I’d just beat the crap out of him if I saw him hanging around taking pictures again and stay vigilant, but that was bullying and harassment to Facebook.

It’s kind of a similar thing with Mark Zuckerberg, he was associated with Epstein after he went to jail, at the very least hanging in the same circles of people.

He’s probably threatened or black mailed to do what these psychopath eugenicist elites say, he’s one of them, whether he even wants to be or not, because that’s who “they” seem to be, at least on some level.

The thing about that is, I don’t care if you don’t really want to be a totalitarian communist dictator censoring evidence of people dying by the millions from the actions of these corporate criminals and are only doing it because you’re a black mailed pedophile.

If these scum are trying to mandate vaccines, vaccine passports, for travel, work, school, anything and everything, then people need to know what’s really happening with them.

They will definitely not feel safe if they know for certain that proven injuries and deaths from these experimental vaccines are being hidden on purpose.

They need to know if people are being sterilized and exterminated, or injured, and by what number, because if they censor the fact that is happening, while they force it on you, you can legitimately shoot them in the head in self defense the moment it becomes an active attack, because you simply don’t know to what degree it is an attack, and it makes you more likely to suspect that it is. Not less likely.

Maybe not so much with the pedophiles, based on the law, you might not get away with it, but definitely with this, it’s an attack with a potentially deadly weapon and can easily be claimed as self defense and a violation of the Nuremberg code on forced medical experimentation.

Ironically, what this criminal big pharma puppet did by censoring the truth so ruthlessly was turn a whole bunch of people who were vaccine hesitant into militant anti vaxxers and anti maskers, and maybe that was the plan, who knows? I just know you can’t trust them.

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