What Do Cisgender Birthing Persons Want?

Yeah, what do women want? Well since the destructive eugenicist brainwashing of feminism, we were taught that it’s all about what women want, not what men want.

That’s too obvious to do things the way they always had been done through all of human history.

Now a man who acts like a man always used to, is seen as so horrific they might be tortured to death in the most painful way possible for being a man and acting like one.

Then they switched it again, and now, it’s not about what makes women happy, or feel powerful, it’s about what 0.01% of the population want, and they’re working to increase that number of transgender people exponentially.

Bare in mind there weren’t really any of them in the not so distant past, now there’s millions of them, rising in number all the time as women don’t just act like men, and men act like women, they will all transition.

They’re putting endocrine disrupting chemicals in the food, phthalates in plastics, poisons in drinks and in vaccines, brainwashing children and society to push the idea of changing your gender, to the point where it seems like an industrial scale attack on humanity, which it is, it’s just one aspect of it.

Before you call me transphobic, take a look at this photo of a biologically male MMA fighter smashing the eye socket of a biologically female MMA fighter, and saying “she” was the winner and one of the “bravest athletes in the history of sports.”

If a man did this to a woman any other time, in any other circumstance, they’d be called every name under the sun and probably put in jail or worse.

This guy still has the increased strength of a man, and even someone as out of shape as me would probably have a reasonable chance of beating up this woman if I put on a padded bra.

Not only did she not feel bad about it she said she loved breaking the skull of a woman, with the biological advantage of a man, on hormones that didn’t change that advantage sufficiently to make it a fair fight.

You have kids being taught in school that they could or perhaps should be transgender, and that if anyone tries to stand in the way of that transition, or even tries to warn them of the problems with it, like having lifelong phantom pain from their severed appendages, they’re a transphobic monster.

Who did what now? Did you see that woman’s face bleeding? Who’s doing this brainwashing campaign on the children? Not me.

If you’ve been looking at the general pattern in society even over the last year or so, you might understand that they’re moving faster with the plan to wipe out the vast majority of the population of the world, and they’re just mocking you before the final solution.

If this was just a bunch of fringe nutcase hardcore leftist freaks, that would be one thing, and perhaps it is that, but you have politicians, news outlets, universities and celebrities repeating these cringe-worthy woke terminologies and ideologies.

I used to be liberal or progressive, and it’s become so utterly ridiculous and brutally, hopelessly wrong or illogical, I wonder how I ever even thought I was in the first place.

The answer to that is I was brainwashed and on drugs, mind controlled with a cult of death and insanity from the moment I was born and everyone has definitely been brainwashed to some degree, right or wrong.

I don’t care if you want to be gay or trans, that’s fine, but don’t expect me to pretend that you are an actual woman just because you said you are, I don’t want to date a transsexual, and I’m not that picky.

If you’re a freak, own it, and don’t try to turn the entire society into a freak show, or promote your particular affliction, just be yourself, by yourself or with whoever it is that wants to get with a lady boy.

OK, maybe if I was really drunk.

I’m not going to stop using the words man and woman, mother and father, boy and girl, aunt and uncle, and to tell you the truth, I think we need to end these people brainwashing the people of the world with eugenicist mind control.

They went past the point at which any rational person could be asked to tolerate their mental illness because they’re intolerant of anyone who doesn’t encourage it.

I don’t give a damn if anyone calls me a name for saying so and if you take a close look at that statement, you’ll see the world has gone mad and is literally being sterilized and exterminated, castrated and mind controlled into extinction.

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