Doctors Promote Mass Suicide

Tik Tok and you don’t stop the rock, even during a deadly pandemic. These doctors had time to choreograph dance routines by the thousands.

It’s hard to put all of this in the context it deserves, because if people saw it clearly as a majority, it probably wouldn’t even have happened at all, but I’ll try.

There was yet another virus going around, to add to the thousands of viruses that already existed, many of which were worse and more deadly, and for some reason people were told they cared about this one.

They wouldn’t have cared about it if they weren’t told they cared about it, but they were told they cared about it, so they did, because that’s how these things work, and they lied about every aspect of it completely, so that helped with the fear.

They’re banning the cure it’s murder they said, about the falsified study that was retracted that showed any risk from a 65 year old malaria drug, which used in combination with zinc and antibiotics cured almost all the patients that all these doctors treated, which was immediately censored.

It causes far less of a problem than say drinking and smoking, eating too much junk food, taking big pharma opiates or illegal drugs, and treatments already existed that were working to cure almost all the people who got it.

That is, if they got treated properly, with the right therapeutic combination which was figured out in the first few months and improved upon, by doctors working under threat of imprisonment and losing their medical license for trying to save their patients.

It became apparent that it had nothing at all to do with this new flu, but it was a totalitarian psychopath’s wet dream for dominating and controlling the dumbed down masses. The great reset, the fourth industrial revolution, AI mind control.

They were the ones who came up with the idea, made the virus in a lab and told you they were going to release it.

Millions of people realized this and told you that they said that in their pre planning documents, but their response to that was no we didn’t, and that became the standard response, programmed into their mind controlled slaves through the media they funded.

That’s a conspiracy theory, that they said there will be a surprise outbreak, a system wide simulation of a deliberate release of a deadly respiratory pathogen, progress report by September 2020 in the WHO’s world at risk report from September 2019.

It was a conspiracy theory that the NIH funded the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab, because the fact checkers told you so.

Then a whistleblower came out from Facebook recently and told us that they said in their secret AI mind control protocols that they’re censoring all true facts or personal opinions, if they could possibly make anyone vaccine hesitant.

They censored the true facts that the virus was made in a lab and released on purpose to try to force a vaccine on you that would probably be more likely to kill you, if not made to kill you on purpose.

Or to sterilize you, and they admitted they were covering up the truth about that, but only to their own employees. To the public they said they were censoring “misinformation” which wasn’t actually true.

This is coming out, one painfully slow step at a time, like even CNN is reporting that the Biden administration is now going to investigate the lab leak theory, but what’s critically important there is, they knew it was man made the whole time.

They knew what was going on the whole time, and lied about it, and those who were censored from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Yahoo Answers, Amazon and many other places were telling the truth and the “experts” were lying through their teeth.

They might not all have been telling the truth all the time, there was plenty of misinformation on both sides.

But the truth that stuck out is that the people responsible for the centralized globalist narrative were liars, covering up the truth, knowing that they were covering up the truth, and it wasn’t for your health.

Tell me again how the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission, doesn’t stop you from getting the virus, and it definitely kills and injures more young people than covid, which already had a treatment that worked better than the vaccine.

And that’s if anyone even had it in the first place, because the tests didn’t work, most of the cases were false positives, most of the deaths were falsely attributed to covid, and you had about the same amount of risk as you always did, relatively speaking.

Less risk of death than humans had from disease over the entire history of the human race, at least up until about a decade ago, based on their own faulty figures.

In Australia, there was less deaths from flu like illnesses in 2020 than every previous year going back forever, including the flu numbers and covid combined and they have these storm troopers in black helmets attacking people, again.

Yeah, yet again, there were five cases from a faulty PCR test which justified them locking down Victoria again, pepper spraying people, violently arresting protestors, and nobody died of “covid” in 2021 in Australia.

In fact the only deaths were from the vaccines, I don’t really know where to go to get any accurate information about that, but here’s a meme which claims to know the figures reported to some reporting agency I never heard of, the equivalent of VAERS in the USA.

What’s proven is the system, even the global system, is corrupt. Openly, thoroughly corrupt, as corrupt as a third world tin pot dictatorship, and that would be the best case scenario that they’re just corrupt and brainwashed and hopelessly incompetent.

What in the freaking hell is that doing in my country?

In the worst case scenario, it’s like the video by JP Sears, and they’re just suggesting you kill yourself, demanding that you kill yourself, begging with you, pleading with you, bribing you, blackmailing you and threatening you with death if you don’t allow them to kill you.

I find it hard to believe that they really believe they’re doing anything else, no matter how brainwashed they are.

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2 thoughts on “Doctors Promote Mass Suicide

  1. I am almost speechless that all this has happened. I have been watching for over a year. It’s like watching a horror movie. My only question is, now that the truth is leaking out, are we going to be able to stop the injections? I haven’t had mine & never intend to get one. I am fearful that nothing will stop these maniacs.

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  2. In western Australia, shortly before covid was released, they made into law, that they can restrain you and administer any vaccine they feel you need against your wishes.

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