Murdering Weasels Hold The World Hostage With Lies

I’ll remind you again what I said from the start. From day one I said they made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose, if it even exists and isn’t just the flu.

They perpetrated this attack, or this simulation of a deliberate release of a deadly respiratory pathogen on purpose, and they said they did themselves, very clearly.

I suspected them of doing that even before I heard about the “conspiracy theory” because I know something about who these people are.

You want another example of who these people are? Here’s Judge Joe Brown saying the first time he heard Biden speak in 1972, he heard him say “negro children are like roaches, if you allow them to integrate, they will infest the schools, and they will never be gotten out.”

This is the same guy who said you if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black, and who is also saying all Trump supporters are white supremacists, and white supremacists are all domestic terrorists.

Yeah, that’s the level of lies, they’re pedophiles and they say they’re fighting pedophiles, they’re Satanists and they say they’re Christians, they’re trying to kill you, and they say they’re trying to save you.

Everything is an inversion of reality, it’s hard for most people to accept, but the more you find out about these people, the more you will accept they are the some of the most evil, murdering lying criminals in the history of the world.

I don’t know if I trust the media on the “right wing” side enough to tell you that the truth is coming from them, but what I do know is there has been massive lies, and that’s the only thing that is proven for certain.

It’s been proven that there has been a calculated psychological operation on the people of the world, based on an attack, that was planned, or that at the very least was covered up.

Let’s just start with what we know at a bare minimum. Fauci’s NIH funded a lab in China run by the CCP to investigate deadly viruses that could infect humans. Essentially, a biological weapons lab.

That’s a bit like giving the Russians money to make nuclear bombs that could be used in a war against you at the height of the cold war.

On the face of it, it’s ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the study funded by the NIH that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to find out if Japanese quail are more sexually promiscuous when on cocaine.

No, you didn’t hear that wrong, these “scientists” also paid a similar amount to try to find out if Neil Armstrong said one small step for man, or one small step for a man when he landed on the moon.

I’m thinking he didn’t step foot on the moon at all, because they just lied about it, because that’s how simple it is to milk patsies of their tax payer dollars, when people just believe whatever they’re told from the idiot box.

You just tell them some crap, and they’re dumb enough to believe it because people were told that the US government wasn’t an entirely criminal organization designed specifically to rob people blind by any means necessary, when that’s the only way they got into that position in the first place.

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