Not Looking Forward To The End Of Humanity

Dr Vernon Coleman is saying in this video that the human race could be in real trouble, possibly even on the verge of extinction from pathogenic priming due to these experimental vaccines, which aren’t vaccines.

He believes as I do that they planned the entire thing, faked the seriousness of the virus, which was less deadly than the flu for young healthy people, in order to achieve objectives they had planned prior to them releasing it.

The plans were not hidden, they were explained in great detail, by Bill Gates, who said that if we do a really good job on health care and new vaccines, we could reduce the world’s population by ten to fifteen percent.

Co2=PxSxE where p is people, s is services and e is energy.

It’s a response to the dwindling amount of non renewable energy sources like gas, coal and uranium and the problems that might cause if they run out.

At least, I’m assuming that if they do believe that there are too many people, and too few resources, they believe that the trucks will stop running, they won’t be able to deliver food to people, and many will die anyway, particularly in a war for resources between large powerful countries.

This theory isn’t harder to believe than they’re trying to kill us all, but that’s heavily related to the idea of climate change or sustainability, and it’s more likely that they are, if it’s true and not just another global scam.

It’s quite probable that if not climate change, then something humans are doing is completely unsustainable and will lead to death from resource shortages or pollution, the poisoning of the environment, the food and water, whether on purpose, or not.

I don’t believe you can just double the population of the world every fifty years, and increase the technology provided to people with smart phones, computers, cars, fridges, washing machines, and not have an impact on the environment.

At some point you run out of rare minerals and metals in the soil, in the crust of the earth, and it all washes into the ocean, or ends up in land fill, and almost any attempt to recycle is not economically viable in the capitalist system as it stands.

If climate change and the impact that increasing human populations are having on the earth is in fact real, and they know it’s real, which they did say it was, then it would make sense for them to try to reduce the population.

But, it would also make sense to stop buying all their crap that you don’t need.

If you don’t believe that climate change is real, then that means they’re liars, and the global power structure is corrupt enough to allow lies like that to become “facts” which we have seen that it is, in the medical system in particular.

So either way, they are an incredible threat to humanity, because they either want to wipe out population because they believe it has to be done.

Or, because they want it to be done, to make it easier to control everyone and everything and take all the resources for themselves so they can live in a sci-fi nightmare.

The way I perceive it is this. They can’t have a full scale war between China and the USA, the two main polluters and resource users, because it would destroy the entire world.

So, they have agreed to have a war with biological and chemical weapons in a controlled way, that they all agreed to do, to wipe out their own populations, to reduce the consumption of resources, while implementing full totalitarian control.

They want to control everything, and perhaps they feel that they need to. However, if they had just been honest with people, maybe they might just agree to have less children, get paid to be sterilized, or whatever.

If you offered me whatever I wanted, I’d probably agree to having a vasectomy, but I think the problem is they can’t just give people whatever they want, even for this generation, let alone the next one, and the next one.

It’s not a matter of working harder, the resources are running out, the financial system is collapsing, according to them the world’s environment is on the verge of cataclysmic disaster.

I’m not so sure about climate change, but that isn’t the only problem involved in providing energy and products and services to a growing population.

They were irresponsible in not forseeing the limits of progress without sustainability but we don’t necessarily need to progress to everyone having a computer chip in their brain.

I would have handled things in a completely different way, and I don’t trust their motives at all, because in the best case scenario, they’re trying to force a totalitarian dictatorship something like a green new deal China, and in the worst case scenario?

While I was writing this post, dozens of pages on different sites like The Guardian had this message when I tried to click on a link in a Google search. Is this a part of hack attack?

You can only imagine what the worst case scenario is with these people. China have death camps where they torture people all day long, they have suicide nets to stop the workers from jumping to their deaths.

In a future where robot workers replace the slaves, those sort of people can only be expected to kill as many people as possible.

I do believe they will, and that they’re trying to right now, and they told you they were going to, but not many people listened, and even less are likely to listen to them now.

This video has to be viewed from the perspective that he is selling the idea to you and makes billions from it, and he wants to reduce the population of the world, and wants to inject everyone in the world with an unnecessary, deadly vaccine or they can’t go back to “normal” among other things such as blacking out the sun, releasing genetically modified mosquitoes, educating your children, and controlling the media to follow his agenda.

One thought on “Not Looking Forward To The End Of Humanity

  1. OK, all that is true… LIFE on this planet is near the end, it is seeding, and started in 1945… seeding off Earth into the Cosmos. Of course with an annual organism, death after seeding is the norm. That is written in the DNA. However there is a possibility, with knowledge and sanity, LIFE can progress onto a perennial platform.. It is up to us, us all…. sadly there are way too few sane people on this planet to enact that option. A splinter group could possibility achieve that result. That is my goal… and I suggest that it should be yours as well. Take care and don’t despair.


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