Criminals Trying To Stop People Growing Their Own Food

There was a time I could say maybe there’s some people in this criminal organization called government who believe they’re not trying to kill and enslave us all for greedy corporations.

They have to believe the people giving orders from the top are trying to do the right thing sometimes, like trying to stop kids taking drugs, trying to stop drunk drivers, because it kills people and so they have laws.

This would be reasonable until you realize they are the same people who sell the drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, or those people own the government, fund their political parties over the table.

They are those people because intoxicants are the largest source of money in the world, and then the next largest amount of money is weapons to kill people in wars they start.

Health services to treat the sickness and injuries they caused, the jail industry and fines for the crimes they created, bankers with loans for real estate, sweat shops for products and food. Maybe not in that order, but it’s all connected.

When you see that they cause problems in all these areas of society on purpose because it makes them money, or gives them more power, and not because fixing the problems would cost more money, then you start to realize they are sociopaths and even psychopaths.

Notice anything wrong with their calculations? An extra 20% more people requires 60% more food to be grown, when there’s already more food than everyone needs to survive and millions are starving while half the food is thrown in the trash.

Here they’re trying to stop people from producing their own food, and I’m not sure of the specific legislation around the world, it hasn’t really been implemented yet, but they are trying to do it.

The majority of seeds are genetically modified and made to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides.

They make the plants themselves produce toxins, and the poisons used on them are known to disrupt the endocrine system and hormones of the human population and give them cancer, perhaps even on purpose.

It is very important we all move towards growing our own food locally, as naturally as possible.

If anyone ever tried to stop people from doing that, while they were trying to force you to eat fake meat made out of poisoned GMO crops, fertilized with composted human bodies, you’d have every right to fight to the death.

I already believe that you have the legal right to kill them at any time due to their violation of the Nuremberg code on forced medical experimentation, which is treason.

What I am suggesting is a breakaway civilization or a control group to the experimentation.

We have to move now to remove ourselves from their destructive, poisonous system and get back to nature, something like the Amish, or aiming at living like people always used to, sustainably, and self sufficient as possible.

Did the Amish have the right idea, and if they didn’t, why are they still living the way they always used to without these modern problems?

Science did not make things better, my opinion is they’re trying to sterilize and exterminate us on purpose while they suck us dry with centralized control of every aspect of our lives through corporations.

Bayer/Monsanto, the two corporations involved, funded Hitler’s election campaign and did tests on prisoners of war in Nazi Germany.

They advertised heroin to children, made zyklon b, agent orange, and have paid out billions in damages to the people they still poison by the billions with glyphosate and atrazine.

Growing your own food or buying organic food from somebody who does, avoiding poisons made by eugenicist corporations is perhaps the most important step we can take to not being sterilized and exterminated and having a chance at freedom and survival as a species.

It’s not easy, it requires work, more work than their industrial scale production using poison.

It takes more work to work out at the gym and eat healthy salads, and drink water that’s not poisoned, but it can be done, and obviously should be done.

People have been so mentally attacked and taught to hate themselves so much it’s hard to even imagine a large group of people who respected themselves enough and had a strong enough will to start society from scratch, outside of the fascist technocratic control grid.

They do exist though, hippy communes, survivalist compounds, self sufficient communities of farmers, and these must be supported, because they might be the last people around when the zombie apocalypse happens.

I’m not even joking, they attacked the world with biological weapons, they admit they’re trying to wipe out population in the world, they got killer robot armies, the best thing anyone can do is try to get as far away from “civilization” as possible.

Check out the prepping page for heirloom seeds and other survivalist essentials, and do your own research.

I think you’ll find that the only way forwards is backwards, because “progress” is what led us to the situation they describe themselves as the end of the world. The future they describe is not what anyone wants.

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