Facebook Unbans Posts From Last Year About The Wuhan Lab

I’m currently on my 11th or 12th 30 day ban from Facebook, I can’t even remember anymore, but last night five of my posts going back to September last year were put back up because Facebook changed their policy.

The world is not just split between a natural origin and a lab leak of the virus, some people think covid doesn’t even exist because the PCR tests cycled over 25 times, over 40 times in some cases, were set to give over 90% false positives, hence the “asymptomatic cases” or people who didn’t have it, at all. Didn’t even specify which coronavirus you had antibodies to.

Yes, the fact check is false, as Fauci himself admitted that cycling the PCR test over 30 times made the results totally meaningless and the FDA allowed up to 40 cycles which meant the whole thing was set up to be false, or nothing but dead nucleotides from a cold you had a decade ago.

Some people think it exists, but they released it on purpose and told you they were going to countless times, a simulation of a deliberate release of a deadly respiratory pathogen, progress report by September 2020.

They lied about every single aspect of this, like they said the tests were 99.9% reliable, a flat out lie, more like 100% unreliable, if you trust the people who said they were reliable, because they weren’t. They just weren’t, period.

Similar thing with the masks, a CDC study said there was a statistically significant reduction of one percent of cases, which weren’t actually cases, and deaths which weren’t actually deaths from covid, over 90% of the time, if you wore a mask. Interesting.

What’s fairly significant is that my posts which were put back up, nine months after they were taken down, mention that I thought it was released on purpose, or planned thoroughly in advance, not just a leak.

What I also mentioned in the posts that were put back up is that they banned the cure, or falsified the study that showed a 65 year old drug had terrible side effects and was not beneficial in treating covid which it has since been proven that it is.

At least, the studies exist that show combinations of drugs that already existed can pretty much get rid of any increased risk, in risk groups, but all science is now tainted with the knowledge that a few criminals lying through their teeth at the top mean all scientific studies are no longer proof of anything, at all, ever.

Yeah, this would be based on the CDC study that said masks don’t work 99% of the time. Those are some real decent facts you got there. Don’t call me, I’ll call you if I want some more facts checked.

I mentioned the steady amount of reported deaths and injuries coming in from the experimental vaccines.

That masks don’t work, or were nowhere near effective enough to warrant mandating them, and that more people died in the flu season every single year going back forever in Australia, even including the flu numbers.

I’m in a somewhat unique situation where I am in that there is no covid here, for over a year, if there ever was any in the first place, which I have every reason to doubt.

Even though there is no risk at all, particularly to young people, pregnant women are being advised to take this experimental shot, even though there were no pregnant women included in the initial trials on humans, which skipped animal testing.

According to the Gateway Pundit there were 652 reported miscarriages to VAERS, and the deaths are more than were reported for all other vaccines combined for the last twenty years, maybe twenty five years now.

There are about one million miscarriages reported every year in the USA, but that just goes to show how many of the actual number were not reported.

Say one in ten pregnant women got the shot, as they were all advised to do, and it had no effect at all, in the quarter to half a year it’s been given to them.

Oh don’t tell me, this is like that other myth, it’s a fact that masks work, (1% of the time.) That’s so great to know that you have your facts straight.

That number should be 25,000 to 50,000 miscarriages, which obviously all need to be reported to know whether it’s causing more of them than usual, so it’s not even nearly working as a reporting system and that was the human trial of the covid vaccine on pregnant women.

No figures, no studies to link to, no science involved, but an Indian website at the top of Google says there was and was lying, completely.

This is a criminal operation that didn’t just destroy the world through illness and injury from vaccines, but caused a greater amount of damage and starvation through the totalitarian lockdowns and restrictions, particularly around the world.

This horrific criminal scam, the censorship, the lies, from the top level of scientific organizations destroyed the credibility of science itself, because people like Fauci call attacks on him an attack on science.

Yeah I’m attacking science, it lied through it’s teeth because it’s a bunch of mass murdering drug dealing criminals, black mailed pedophiles, eugenicist terrorist Satanist monsters running the show.

Don’t tread on me t-shirt $20

I don’t want to attack science, I think it’s an important thing to have, medicine has saved lives, but the people who are running it, are now trying to kill people, and you simply cannot ignore the level of corruption and evil they showed with this monumental scam.

Does it matter if Facebook put my post back up and said they got it wrong, or were exposed, if I’m still silenced, along with countless millions of others?

No, it just means they’re realizing that they could be criminally liable for their role in this terrorist plot for which the only sentence can be death.

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