Propagandized Bioterrorism Through Injection

Every time you see this cross through a claim by an expert doctor on a fact check, saying people under fifty don’t need the vaccine, you see billions in funding by big pharma criminals lying to make money. The alternative therapeutics are cheaper, safer, and just as effective.

That was what Dr Peter McCullough called this attack on the people of the world through medical tyranny, propagandized bio-terrorism through injection.

I already wrote another post about what Dr Roger Hodgkinson thought about it, he said that reputations will be slaughtered and there will be blood in the gutter.

He was one of many to appear on Reiner Fuelmich’s show, which is heavily censored, but is forming a worldwide coalition of resistance among independent medical professionals and groups.

Some of the major organizations are the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, America’s Frontline Doctors, The Great Barrington Declaration, and The World Doctor’s Alliance.

There is also the World Freedom Alliance with Dr Dolores Cahill who said that these people threatened to cut her children’s fingers off in a speech she gave at a freedom protest.

This was not just scare tactics, another journalist who exposed the crimes of the Clinton crime family was just executed, less than a month ago.

They called it a suicide before they even did an autopsy, but the guy said on mainstream TV multiple times, I have received significant death threats, I’m not going to kill myself, these people are going to kill me, and they did.

That happened to a Merck whistleblower, it’s happening more and more all the time, the inventor of the PCR test died just before they released the virus, they’re being silenced, threatened and actually assassinated.

Hopefully there are too many people who support independent journalism for these psychopath mass murdering drug dealing criminals to kill them all and pretend it was a suicide, and if people wake up to that, they can work out their own ways to fight back.

I appreciate the idea that you have to do things based on a legal framework and if you start bullets flying on both sides, everyone starts dying, but everyone is starting to die, from their criminal activity on the scale of world war three.

If they continue to arrest and assassinate journalists, for telling the truth about their crimes which have killed thousands, even millions of people just in the last year or two, there is no choice but to go to war.

It’s not the regular sort of war, it’s not even entirely clear where the enemy begins and ends, but certain people have clearly violated the Nuremberg code, committed criminal fraud, murder and treason, and cannot be allowed to work in the government at all.

If the government bands together as one unit of criminals protecting the elites trying to force poison into children and pregnant women, while literally killing those who expose their crimes, they’re all enemy combatants.

Not exactly a fair war, the armies of the world against the people of the world, their own people, but that key distinction, attacking their own people with barely concealed fraud, makes this a war they’re unlikely to win.

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