Fox News Reporter Blows The Whistle On Censorship Of Truth

I’m not going to be sentenced to reporting live on broken air conditioners, I’m blowing the whistle on you bastards.

I have been sharing a fair few videos from Fox News, particularly Tucker Carlson, but it seems that they have just as much censorship happening to the reporters there.

So much so that this reporter Ivory Hecker felt she had to blow the whistle to Project Veritas about the censorship of a hospital in her area still using hydroxychloroquine and apparently having positive results.

From the research I’ve done, a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Zithromax, steroids, can be anywhere between 0% to 100% effective, for the 1% who had any serious issues with covid, because the various combinations of drugs have different effects, and people are different.

Blowing the whistle isn’t just the right thing to do, her Give Send Go page got over a hundred grand in donations in a week.

There are variations of viruses, including this one, some people get more sun or have a different diet, they might be different ages, have vitamin deficiencies or health conditions, there are all sorts of factors involved.

According to the leading expert in outpatient early treatment, if you start early using Ivermectin, vitamins, hydroxychloroquine as a weak base to allow more effective absorbing of zinc into the cells, that can be up to 85% effective, or higher.

Due to the fact they haven’t even done double blind, randomized placebo studies of all the different combinations of drugs, it’s not entirely “proven” but it’s virtually impossible that there is no early treatment of covid that works to some degree.

She gets paid more in a week than all year with you for blowing the whistle on your censorship of the truth, the actual truth, but none of the viewers read the “gossip sites”.

Given that it is virtually certain that these drug combinations did work as thousands of doctors were saying they did, and the study that showed dangerous side effects was falsified and retracted, (even the Surgisphere website disappeared), it’s murderously criminal for the regulatory organizations like the CDC and WHO to say they didn’t.

They wanted to get emergency use authorization for an experimental vaccine, that the NIH and DARPA just happened to have shared ownership of, or paid for funding, and they couldn’t get that EUA if there was an already existing treatment.

Inventor of the PCR test: Fauci’s job is to lie to the cameras, he’s got an agenda, he doesn’t know anything about anything and I’d say that to his face. Lying piece of crap, to paraphrase.

This is the key here, and it goes far beyond just banning the cure, it’s murder. They faked the numbers of cases with faulty PCR tests set to call people sick when they weren’t sick.

They terrorized young people and stopped them going to work and school, when according to experts, if they weren’t obviously sick, and sick and old before they got sick, there was no real risk to them or anybody else.

I’m kind of tired of talking about the dangers of getting the flu, or Flu 2 – The Quickening.

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None of it is an excuse for government tyranny, funding for projects and products, which was the entire reason they made it in the lab, or concocted this false narrative.

It also seems as though all the mainstream media outlets were told to follow a set narrative, bullied to follow the “guidance” of the WHO, which is inherently corrupt and run by a communist terrorist from Ethiopia, bought by China, and Bill Gates.

Anyway, the reporters are going to blow the whistle, one by one, and the millions of viewers who want to see the truth reported, particularly on life and death issues, are going to follow them, away from the corporate controlled media.

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