Has The Right Wing Turned Into What The Left Used To Be?

This linear understanding of left and right neglects the complex issues involved in various aspects of life, but the extremes of fascism and communism, or a merger of the two in a totalitarian dictatorship is what the people should be most afraid of in my opinion.

This video from Russell Brand takes a look back at the way Fox News used to be, just a few years ago, a somewhat different philosophy.

There has seemed to have been a change in the way they approach some issues, but it’s still a large corporate news outlet, having more in common with CNN than it does with independent creators.

It’s hard to say that anyone is truly independent these days, even if they speak their mind freely, (which is getting harder to do and stay on social media), they’re still repeating the same sort of talking points.

The last post I did was a Fox News reporter blowing the whistle on censorship of true news stories, and I don’t trust them, a few years ago I would have been repelled by their ideas.

I used to be the sort of person they might have thrown some of these insults at, and you know, perhaps somewhat deservedly, but it’s still rude to say someone has lice on their scabies.

My philosophy was that crony capitalist monopolies are perhaps necessary to some degree, so long as they give the people what they want, and don’t kill people for profits, but they almost always seem to.

You need some sort of government to make regulations to stop corporations from killing millions of people, but for a long time now, the government was starting wars for weapons profits, oil profits, heroin profits, not stopping it.

People didn’t seem to worry too much about this corporate greed while it was benefiting them personally with more money in the country, more jobs, stock market prices rising, etc.

When people realized that it could be them on the receiving end of sabotage, war, sanctions, totalitarian oppression, theft of their resources and genocide, it became the major issue.

Rupert Murdoch is fairly widely known as a deceptive, manipulative bastard, and I’m not sure I believe he’s on the “right” side, as opposed to the wrong side.

That’s understandable, and it is still right to fight for the oppressed, to stand up for human rights being taken away by dictators, but I get the feeling they’re only saying it now because it’s “their people” who may be at risk, and it’s too little, too late.

The people who trusted their government, supported cutting taxes for the extremely wealthy, removing regulations, supporting offensive military invasions to “protect America’s interests” they kind of put us in the position we’re in today.

Support the troops, patriotism, the reverent worship of capitalism and the government.

It has it’s place, but supporting your political party, or your church, or your country, can make you blind to the problems they have.

People love Trump for example, and I can see the appeal, he appears to be fighting the establishment corruption, but as far as I can tell, that was the plan, not to bring down these people, but to flush out opponents to their power.

Did you ever notice something didn’t seem quite right about the US government? Well there was a problem, and now this could be you, labeled a terrorist, for fighting against an offensive attack by terrorists.

To discredit conspiracy theorists, label them dangerous domestic terrorists, silence, arrest, and even kill them, as though they were members of Al Qaeda.

The US government trained Al Qaeda in the eighties to protect their poppy fields from Russia, and the Bin Laden family owned Carlyle weapons/intelligence shares, along with the Bush family.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, and what you find below the surface is that almost everything, both good and bad, right or left, comes from the same small group of people at the top. Even if they appear to be completely different sides.

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