Lockdowns And Totalitarian Tyranny Will Never End Until People End Them

In the 90’s, there were more people dying of the flu than covid in the UK, just before they came up with the marketing campaign for everyone to take the flu shot, which ended the fake numbers of flu deaths they manufactured, made up, to sell the flu shot, which didn’t work, but made people more likely to die from covid, or anything else.

0.1% of the Irish population died of a new flu, five thousand out of five million, many of those being people who were going to die anyway, of old age and terminal illnesses, which more than 90% of them had.

That’s basically a non event, and it was the same in my country Australia, but it was 0.004% of the population of 82 year olds on average, at a cost approaching a trillion dollars, which all these countries paid to someone, whether it worked or not.

It was the same sort of thing for Canada and New Zealand, nothing new at all in terms of a threat from a virus, in fact less of a threat in some cases, than there ever was in the history of the world from disease, which is great, but I’ll take the trillion dollars and freedom any day.

With no forced lock downs (at least in 2020), in Sweden, it’s maybe 0.15% of the population died, over a year and a half, actually a larger amount died in the same amount of time after they imposed mandatory restrictions, if you don’t take into account that the numbers are completely meaningless.

Also in Sweden, they just euthanized the old sick people or gave them large doses of pain killers rather than ventilate them, which was painful and didn’t work 90% of the time. The treatments that did work were actively suppressed around the world.

Yeah if you set the PCR test over 30-35 cycles it’s essentially just picking up dead nucleotides, they’re not really sick and infectious with covid, but you told everyone to set it to 40 cycles anyway. That’s great Fauci, now tell us about masks again and how they work 1% of the time.

40 cycles or more of the PCR test means 90% false positive or more, or not really sick, and that’s how they were setting them.

You can make it so everyone tests positive, or nobody does, it keeps changing and is not at all reliable, they say that themselves, that’s not a gold standard test, that’s a scam.

The entire thing is a scam, they banned the cure or treatments which would have saved any extra people from dying than those who always do, and which would have made this less deadly than the flu, which it already was for most people, especially young people.

This might not be the answer as a drug, but it is nevertheless something that humans use to fight off disease naturally.

You see most people have an immune system which can adapt to new viruses and produce their own natural killer cells, t-cells and specific antibodies, and if you can’t do that, you’re pretty much dead anyway, just a matter of time.

Some of those people caught the flu in the past and had an immune memory of that, but they made this one in the lab to be significantly different, so they didn’t have a memory of that and didn’t have an adaptable immune system, which was not helped by the flu shot which makes you more likely to die of covid.

Who do you trust, your old internet pal Dr ZDogg or one of the most highly acclaimed vaccine experts in the world? I don’t really trust either of them, and I don’t care. Give me my money back you bastards.

These new experimental vaccines affect the ability of healthy people to have a non specific immune response that can adapt to new viruses, according to an expert virologist.

But that’s all besides the point, even if that point was potentially the end of the human race according to him, and millions of other doctors and experts.

They did this for power over people, to install a fascist dictatorship around the world, to give some reason why they had to have complete totalitarian authority to do whatever they wanted, at any time.

It isn’t a reason, it’s a good reason for the people to fight back, for attacking them with a virus they made in the lab and released on purpose, and all the crap they tried to pull because of it, which was a thousand times worse than that.

No it’s not OK. That’s what the Nazi soldiers said, and I seen enough already to say that following orders from these scum will land you in Nuremberg trials or worse if you keep doing what you’re doing.

The thing is, most people don’t have the inclination or ability to kill everyone in the government, and most of the people in government aren’t even the people directly responsible for this massive crime against humanity.

They think they’re working to protect the public, at least half the time, because of an insane belief in the system, brainwashed into them from birth. Not a valid excuse.

The government are drug dealers, they push crack into black neighborhoods to fund giving sarin nerve gas to Saddam, while giving weapons to Iran at the same time, if they want drug money to kill people in Iran while they lock up black people by the millions.

People can hear those things, and know them, the list of their crimes goes on and on forever, and then they fail to make the logical leap that those kind of people don’t give a crap about a 0.1% chance of mostly old people dying of the flu at about the same time they were going to die anyway.

They care about it, if it gives them money and power, and if they had to kill 99% of the population of the world to get that money and power, that’s what they’d do, if they could. That’s why they made the virus.

It only costs millions of dollars per person and global financial collapse to save old people six months now, possibly world war three. Thanks for making that point you sick piece of crap.

They are specifically trying to reduce the population of the world, which they are constantly telling everyone.

Bill Gates said if you just get rid of the old people in the last six months of life, you could hire five teachers with the money you’d save.

You can see he put a good deal of thought into that, and he was talking about that exact thing over a decade ago, how do we kill the old people? I know, a virus that targets old people and black people.

What a winning idea from a brilliant philanthropist, but wait a minute, there’s a problem.

He says he’s trying to save the old people, and obviously that’s a lie, and their plan for “saving old people” means trillions less for teachers for kids and a whole bunch of other serious problems even if he was, but billions more for him.

The world was already headed for collapse, for a variety of reasons, mostly due to problems caused by these same people.

Global financial crisis, a potential great depression, which seems to have been the goal, especially seeing as the billionaires got richer and consolidated power because of it.

When these scum tell you they’re trying to save the world from climate change, what they mean is there’s limited resources like fossil fuels, and they want the resources, so they’re going to kill you and enslave you and take the resources. For themselves.

Doesn’t sound so nice when you say it that way, which is why they don’t say it like that. If they said what they were actually doing, which is incredibly obvious anyway to some people, they’d be dead or in jail, or they should be.

By the time people realize who these criminals are, they won’t even have the ability to let everyone else know about it, even if there was anyone left who would listen, but that’s what’s happening now.

This was a year ago, and if you don’t get it by now, you never will.

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