Are People Who Took The Experimental Jab Magnetic?

Is there video of thousands of people with magnets, spoons, keys, and even smart phones sticking to their arms? Yes there is. You can’t just say false and think that disproves it, because it happened.

Let’s see if I can answer this question about people being magnetic, although there’s definitely a massive scale campaign of lies funded by billions, regardless of whether it’s true or not.

There is fairly substantial evidence that they have used magnetofection in vaccines or experimental gene therapies to facilitate forcing these poisons into the cells of people.

Science Direct says magnetofection is a very effective way of transfecting plasmid DNA into a variety of primary cells including primary neurons which are known to be notoriously difficult to transfect and very sensitive to toxicity.

I had heard of rare cases of people being magnetic before this happened, it was on some TV show about freaks, but this is not normal.

Ozbiosciences says Magnetofection™ is the only versatile and universal technology adapted to all types of nucleic acids (DNA, siRNA, dsRNA, shRNA, mRNA, ODN…), non viral transfection systems (transfection reagents) and viruses.

Consequently, several optimized reagents have been designed according to defined applications:

Then it lists a bunch of applications using magnetofection in various fields already.

How does it work? The magnetic nanoparticles are made of iron oxyde, which is fully biodegradable, coated with specific proprietary cationic molecules varying upon applications.

A photo of a woman with her arm stuck down a drain.

Their association with the gene vectors (DNA, siRNA, ODN, virus, etc.) is achieved by salt-induced colloidal aggregation and electrostatic interaction.

The magnetic particles are then concentrated onto cells by the influence of an external magnetic field generated by a specific magnetic plate. 

The one part of this that is missing is the magnet itself, but it seems they turned people into magnets, and so that’s the missing ingredient, the people are the magnets, and they’re doing this transfection inside people’s bodies.

The biodegradable cationic magnetic nanoparticles are not toxic at the recommended doses and even higher.

Gene vectors / magnetic nanoparticles complexes are internalized into cells after 10-15 minutes i.e. much faster than any other transfection method.

After 24, 48 or 72 hours, most of the particles are localized in the cytoplasm, in vacuoles (membranes surrounded structure into cells) and occasionally in the nucleus. In addition, magnetic nanoparticles do not influence cell function.

OK, so is that why people have smart phones sticking to their arms? They tried to debunk that on a Mexican TV show, and the smart phones were sticking to their arms, they didn’t debunk it.

Here’s a screenshot of it just in case they delete the video below for misinformation, like they did with everything else. It’s madness, these people are insane and they’re lying.

I sent another email to my local members, telling them to stop lying for these scum, they’re killing children, there’s no reason to be putting this crap in kids, even if there was any covid here, which there isn’t.

It seems like a joke when you hear about people being made magnetic from these experimental shots, until you realize it was true, it wasn’t a joke, look at all the scientific papers I linked to, and tens of thousands of people died and hundreds of thousands got injured, as well. It’s a massive crime.

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