25 Times More Myocarditis In Young People Who Got Covid Jab

Kids are getting heart problems, the CDC is investigating reports of up to 25 times more cases of myocarditis, among many other serious side effects from the covid shot.

If you just watched that video, you might have heard the doctor say that to diagnose it they give you an MRI with gadolinium.

Don’t get the gadolinium. Chuck Norris’s wife tried to sue them for ten million after taking that, but eventually gave up on the court case.

A guy who regularly administers gadolinium which enters the tissues of the body such as the brain and never leaves again said “I am not completely convinced gadolinium is not toxic.” 

If you’re not about to die if you don’t have an MRI with gadolinium, the best advice is don’t get it, it’s not worth the risk.

I bring that up to illustrate a point. If gadolinium caused the kind of side effects that the covid vaccine has caused, deaths by the thousands, side effects by the hundreds of thousands, it would be taken off the market, or they’d be sued for billions for not telling people the risk.

When you add up the deaths from blood clots, the neurological conditions, the heart conditions, the bell’s palsy, the transverse myelitis, possible sterilization or turning magnetic, that’s all no reason not to get the jab, according to the people selling it.

I disagree, Israel also did a study that over 270 times more young people died in a six week period from the vaccine, or after the vaccine, than died from covid in that same period of time.

Over time, if you just let the virus infect all of those kids, less than one in a million would die if given proper treatment, and that number would decrease over time, as everyone would gain herd immunity if they had a working immune system, and if they didn’t, then anything could kill them.

That’s kind of the point here and that’s less deaths in children than they use as justification for the existing, approved vaccines which have cancer causing viruses in them, causing 1.2% more cases of childhood cancer every year.

You might notice they admit on the FDA site they have tumor causing cell lines and cancer causing viruses in the vaccines, and the rising rates of autism and cancer in children corresponds to the increase in vaccines given to children, like no other factor can explain.

If you take your vitamins and perhaps the already existing treatments if you need them, get some sun and some exercise, you’re all good, unless you’re about to die anyway.

There is mounting evidence that for children in particular this vaccine is a greater risk of death and injury than covid, and I knew it would be, over a year ago.

Anyone with a brain knew that it would be, because the figures they gave show there is virtually no risk to children from covid, or less risk than the flu, and there were more deaths reported from this vaccine than all other vaccines for the last quarter of a century.

Bill Gates said he thought there would be one in ten thousand with side effects, or 700,000 people in the world, and he said that everyone should get the vaccine he was selling, obviously, because he’s selling it.

He’s a drug pusher, the WHO said they don’t recommend the covid jab for kids under 18 now.

Just to repeat, the WHO says that kids don’t need the covid vaccine, and they’re still pushing it, the same goddamn people who silenced anyone who disagreed with the WHO.

I’m sick of saying this now, but if you have children, if you live in society, if you are a human, it is still the most important issue facing us, the right to refuse to go along with the insane and deadly garbage they’re pushing.

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