Scientists Want To Use Human Engineering To Make People Smaller

” ..if an offspring who lacks some of the fundamental capacities has already been created, it is permissible to continue to care for and nurture this offspring.” Matthew Liao bio ethicist.

It’s hard to know what to say about this “bio ethicist” except that he needs to die, and that anyone who even proposes anything along these lines while claiming to be an authority in the field of ethics, needs to die.

It’s actually legal to kill them if they try to do stuff like that against people’s will or without their knowledge, as I’ve mentioned many times before.

Forced medical experimentation is a violation of the Nuremberg code, it’s treason and the sentence for treason is death, in most countries.

Even if it wasn’t, their laws mean nothing if they’re trying to genetically engineer all humans to be shorter and have an intolerance to eating meat, or worse, supposedly because of climate change, which means the ocean might rise a few inches in our lifetimes.

“In the last fifteen years, there has been significant interest in studying the brain structures involved in moral judgments using novel techniques from neuroscience such as functional magnetic resonance imaging.” Is this guy a psychopath or what? This is one of his books on the subject.

They’re lying about that being the reason, they might be running out of certain non renewable resources like gas, coal, rare metals and elements, but it’s not about the weather, that’s a lie.

Given that they’re lying about the reasons why they’re trying to kill you, or engineer you to be deformed and sick, that’s even more reason to kill them first because you don’t know how hard they’re trying to kill you, you just know they are, and they’re lying about why.

I already made that point that if the government are mass murdering, drug dealing, human trafficking psychopaths trying to poison you and they tell you that they are, you don’t need to follow their laws.

You need to kill them, to save your own life, and the lives of those around you, from them as a matter of utmost urgency.

That’s self defense, and it’s a perfectly reasonable argument, one that just keeps getting better and better the more you learn about who’s actually running their agenda.

This is the only exposé of one of the world’s most secretive and feared organizations: Yale University’s nearly 200-year-old secret society, Skull and Bones.

I was saying the same thing over a decade ago, and nobody listened, just today I told some guy the same thing I been saying for a decade, they’re skull and bones, brotherhood of death, the order, the new world order.

Headquarters called the tomb, pirate flag, tell their sexual secrets in a coffin as initiation, drink blood from a skull, take the nicknames of demons from the bible, and he said I was a liar.

I can show you articles from left wing and right wing publications that show they funded Hitler, trained Al Qaeda, helped Saddam attack Iran with chemical weapons, gave immunity to the Sinaloa who actually deal drugs for the CIA’s black budget, the list of their crimes just keeps going on and on.

It’s all basically the same group running all this evil crap, with some different factions, all around the world, the death camps in China, Apple gets their iPhones made there by tortured slaves.

“We figured that if everyone had cat eyes, you wouldn’t need so much lighting, and so you could reduce global energy usage considerably. Maybe even by a shocking percentage.” Mmm.

Google, Facebook and others had a law suit filed against them for complicity in organ harvesting and torture, rape and mind control with AI, connected to these Chinese “reeducation” facilities and through their own platforms.

It seemed insane to me when I first saw it, but then I learned more and more about it, and it is relatively speaking, a true fact.

You don’t get a free pass for just following orders, or saying I just work here, if you work for these people, in these organizations committing these unspeakable crimes, or one degree of separation from Chinese death camps, and bioweapons labs, you are complicit.

I’m actually surprised millions of people have seen the tip of the iceberg and not started killing them, because they’re complicit in killing millions of people and have been for a long time now.

“Many of the solutions we propose might actually be quite desirable to people, particularly the meat patch. I recently gave a talk about this paper at Yale and there was a man in the audience who worked for a pharmaceuticals company; he seemed to think there might be a huge market for modifications like this.” The meat patch in the photo just smells like bacon, the human genetic engineering version this nutcase proposes, changes the DNA of the entire human race to be allergic to meat, and also have dwarfism.

I know there are heavily armed anti government militia groups who have been training and organizing for years, which has gone into overdrive in the last year or two, so my advice is if you work for a corrupt government, or the most complicit corporations, quit your job.

You might be trying to fix the problem from the inside, but if the inside gets any worse than it is, the building you’re in might be levelled by a truck bomb, or a (real) insurrectionist force might storm your offices and kill every last one of you.

I know that’s not what almost anyone wants to happen, but if it does happen, it’s going to happen quickly, with the aim of making a decisive dent in the globalist’s operations, before they launch a full scale attack on the people first, and the attack has already begun.

That move could come any day now, from any of millions and millions of random people who will not react kindly when they become aware of what’s actually going on in the world, which just keeps getting worse and worse.

They’re not hiding it, they’re going against truth, justice, freedom, democracy, decency, the law, morality, religion, human rights treaties, the constitution, everything. The only reason they’re not dead or in jail is they’re “in positions of power” whatever that means.

If you see somebody committing treason and crimes against humanity like these, you don’t just have the duty to quit working for them, you have an obligation to start working against them, by any means necessary, and don’t blame me if you didn’t listen to the warning.

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