Pop Star Poppy Told You About The Scary Mask Coming

How to apply your mask a random 30 second video she made in 2017 at about the same time Fauci was saying there will be a surprise outbreak.

For God’s sake, this is what they call pop stars these days. This girl is straight out of a horror movie, creepier than Lady Gaga, and she told you about covid coming, years in advance.

I’d honestly never heard anything about Poppy other than her name, and one minute into looking into her career, I found a video called the dark truth of Poppy, which calls her the Poppy project.

She’s a project, apparently, created by a guy who calls himself Titanic, who you find out later is an abusive narcissist, or a psychopath, possibly a Satanist.

I would not be surprised, and neither should anyone be, about Satanists in Hollywood.

If it isn’t literally Satanism, (in one of it’s various interpretations), the whole persona was made to look like the girl was a puppet of MK Ultra mind control, complete with all the regular illuminati symbolism.

This project was not unique, in fact it’s so common it’s practically passé, the Satanic symbolism in popular culture, but I’m getting away from the main point of this post.

This was her wearing a black latex mask at the 2018 American Music Awards. That Poppy, she’s a nutter. She actually got less scary when she went metal.

She predicted the coronavirus thing, along with countless other TV shows, movies, pre planning documents, scenarios, etc.

She said the icky babies warned about the scary mask, and said it’s coming, I told you so, it rhymes with breath, I told you so, and she did, and she told you she told you so.

Made a video entirely about cotton swabs and masks, and about nothing else but those things. Seriously, take a look at that one.

If you’re not convinced, there was no convincing you anyway, but it’s just another piece of the puzzle, if you wanted to see another one, and if you don’t get it by now, I just can’t deal with that kind of stupid.

What’s also in the news is Brittany Spears trying to get out of her 13 year conservatorship in which every single part of her life was controlled from the age of 25.

Down to whether she could get married and have a baby and what sort of medication she should be on.

They’re insane psychopaths these people, not just the industry, not just the performers, the whole damn system is sick, all the way to the top, and if they’re not Satanists, what else would you call it? In a lot of cases that is what they call themselves, quite openly.

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